Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Robo-Real Call Pythagorean Theory.



If Ms. Adams was one short arm of the right angled triangle...

And if Mr. Soudas was another short arm...

Who was the long arm?


Could it, at least in the mind of those who most concerned with connections and triangulations and all that, perhaps have been young Mr. Sona because of, say, this?

...Immediately after the Sun News report (that named Mr. Sona as being 'under investigation' by the CPC for making misleading robocalls to voters), he offered his resignation to his boss, MP Eve Adams. He was new to her office, having just started as communications and parliamentary affairs manager two weeks earlier...


Pretty much from the beginning we have viewed Mr. Sona, despite his previous flirtation with Segrettiness that originally brought him to our attention, as a scapegoat.

Thing is, even goats can be stretched out to make connections on the long side of a triangle.

And while we're on to this, how come the CPC machine knew exactly who did what, or could have, with their database this time but did not/could not/would not three years ago?

This triangulation theory is not actually my idea....It originally came up on the comment threads over at Alison's place...And if you are not reading her stuff regularly you are not keeping up on this sordid saga.
Interestingly, that wee bit of pre-election Segrettiness came up, at least tangentially, in a Twittmachine incident recently that involved the fastest thumbs on Parliament Hill and one of the boys from that flack-hackery trumvirate we've been watching lately...More on that later...



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The square of hypocrisy is the sine of the times.

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RossK said...

And co-si(g)ned by Paddy the K?


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