Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Post-Secondary Education Story You Did Not Read/See/Hear About Yesterday.


Which is that universities can't just do whatever the heck they (and/or their paymasters) want, on a whim.

The following is from a ruling handed down by Justice Savage of the BC Supreme Court on Monday against just such a whim from Capilano University:

1. The decision of Capilano University made on or about June 11, 2013 to discontinue various courses and programs was made without complying with section 35.2(6) of the University Act;

2. Capilano University does not have the authority to discontinue courses and programs as outlined in section 35.2 (6) of the University Act, unless the decision to do so is made by the board after seeking advice on the matter from the Capilano Senate and the Capilano Senate has so advised the Capilano Board;

3. The Capilano Board must seek the advice of the Capilano Senate and the Capilano Senate must advise the Capilano Board on the development of an educational policy for the discontinuance of courses and programs before the university can discontinue any courses or programs, including those purported to be discontinued by the 2013/2014 budget....


Here's a question to our current 'whim-maker-by-the-million', Ms. Christy Clark...

Where did yesterday's spike-story '25 percent' thingy/number come from anyway?

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paul said...

The ruling also found that universities are not simply businesses to be run by a CEO and compliant board. They are supposed to be communities with meaningful consultation with all members through the Senate - staff, faculty, administrators, students. That's what the law requires. It's a message that Senates need to be more serious in exercising their responsibilities.

RossK said...

Point well taken Paul.

I also think that folks involved in universities have to pay more attention to is elected and/or appointed to their senates.