Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At The End Of The Day...

...You've Gotta Listen To Something.

So, here's the thing...

When the day winds down I still like to listen to terrestrial radio.

And, given the dreck on the no longer so Giant 98 in the evening/late night time slots these days, the only thing left, especially if I've already heard Ghomeshi earlier in the day, is sports talk radio.

Which, if I don't want to listen to regularly scheduled smarm-swarms, pretty much means that the only option is the reincarnation of Dan Russell's long-running show way down the dial at CISL 650.

And, for the most part, I like the format, and the co-hosts, including Lee Powell.

But last week, when the Abbotsford Heat were leaving town at a total cost of $12 million to Sliverville taxpayers (including, I assume, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey) I was pretty darned miffed when they had Ryan Walter on and never once directly raised the matter with him, especially after Mr. Walter did his best to make it sound like the owners of the Heat actually did all of Abbotsford a favour when it let them terminate the contract early for the low, low price of $5.5 million.

Which I guess, brings to mind that old adage that all sportsmedia coverage, at its core, is little more than  advertorial copy meant to boost the profile of the home team.

Of course, this particular sin of omission by Mess'rs Powell and Russell is nothing compared to the abject sins of shillophantic commission that happen all the time on the sports talk stations.

The worst local example of which I reckon was....


Ironically, in my opinion at least, the good Mr. Jordan Bateman has been on this one lately...Why ironic?...Well, you know....Astroturf and three billion dollar ice bomb toll-bridges and all that...



Grant G said...

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If our local government were of the NDP variety, the media, including the sports media, would be all over how the people got deked out by the AHL, the Heat's Calgary owners and our council in this matter.