Tuesday, April 01, 2014

BC Ferries...The Fares Keep Climbing.


The latest, from the folks who are actually looking out for us, the 'Ferry Advisory Committee Chairs':

Ferry fares continue their relentless climb into regions of unaffordability, accompanied by repetitive rhetoric from the provincial government that is disconnected from acceptance, or even understanding, of the needs of BC’s coastal region.

With the fare increases taking effect on April 1 and fuel surcharges imposed in January, most passenger fares are up 8.4 percent and vehicle fares are up 7.4 percent over last year...


If, say, you were a Snooklandian who remembers the halcyon days of the Knotty Gordian who is bent on turning the public against a system that used to belong to them.

What would your strate(r)gy be?

Photo at the top of the post?...It's the BCF schwag wearer we introduced you to yesterday...So far Norm Farrell, who apparently has X-Ray-Post-Photoshop-Cropping-Spex, has the best guess...Any other takers?
Hey!....Do you every wonder.... When, exactly, was the last time a Snooklandian Minister skipped the helijet and/or the floatplane pad and actually took a ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen?



Anonymous said...

My guess: Keith Baldry

Unknown said...

David Hahn's best buddy for sure

scotty on denman said...

Just talked to a metal scrapper in Courtenay, gone come take a few of my old trucks away---asks me about the ferry fares. So I told him they just got changed today.

"Did they go down?" he asked.

North Van's Grumps said...

schwag: products given away free, typically for promotional purposes.

Dog Shit on Baldry's sole boot heel

Unknown said...

After effects of fertilizing the Hahnster's lawn in exchange for golfing session with the million dollar man

scotty on denman said...

Can anyone answer me this?

When a government invites citizens, by way of building a road, bridge or ferry, to invest in homes, businesses, schools and communities so accessed, has it created a duty of care?

e.a.f. said...

I do recall WAC and all of his took that ferry. I know Barrett and all of his took that ferry. I know Harcourt took it to his Gulf Island home.

The current crop of lieberals, they have their helijets because we the taxpayers pay for them. The got rid of Redford in Alberta because she spent too much. When I told one of my Albertan friends how they spend money in B.C. they told me I was less than truthful, no premier would spend like that.

So it was some time in the 70s for sure that a Premier such took the B.C. Ferries.

For those who travel between the islands/north coast and the mainland, it might be cheaper to keep two vehicles. One on each side.

Oh, well the people of B.C. voted for the lieberals and Christy now we can live with it or in some cases die with it.

RossK said...

To be fair....

It's is possible that the fine fellow in the image plunked down his own hard-earned cash in a BCF vessel gift shop.


Possible I mean.

(and ya, Anon-At-The-Top got it right - thanks to 'A. Reader' for the photo)