Sunday, April 20, 2014

At The End Of The Day (Easter Morning Edition)...


...It's pretty weird to discover that your Mom has something in common with Marc Maron.


Despite the fact that I blather on about his work all the time, most of you probably have no idea who this Marc Maron guy is.

Which is neither here nor there, especially if you only come by looking for the politics talk.

But for the purposes of this post it's probably worth mentioning that Maron is about the same age as me,  is kind of neurotic and a bit of an obsessive-compulsive who just won't let things go. He also has a very strange relationship with guitars as well as stray cats, and he seems to want to know a little bit about just about everything there is to know about anyone and anything, anywhere.

Oh, and he is also the ultimate DIY guy who builds one of the most successful podcasts in the entire universe in his subterranean homesick bluesroomish garage twice a week.

He started the podcast a few years back out of necessity after the bottom fell out of his semi-successful show business career that began while he was an acolyte of Sam Kinison at the Comedy store in the late '80's.

And, luckily for him (and us that listen), Maron pretty much kicked all the stuff that Kinison got him into quite a longtime ago now.

Except for the nicorette lozenges, which he apparently sucks on constantly.

All of which brings me to the goings on at my parents' house last night.

We were sitting around in the living room half-watching the hockey on the TeeVee and playing made-up Password (just guess who gets to be Alan Ludden) which littler e. loves, and during a break in the action my brother, who is the real guitar player in the family, headed outside for a smoke...

As he went out the door our Mom yelled 'Why don't you try the nicorette candy!'

'Good idea,' I said absent-mindedly as I tried to think of the next set of clues.

'Well,' she said. 'It's what I do. In fact, I've got one right now.'

I had no idea.

I honestly thought she had quit cold turkey.

After that we watched the tail end of Easter Parade on PBS (Stevie Ray was already done for the night).

Mostly for the tap dancing given that that's e.'s real thing.


That and the trumpet.

(and I'm not joking)

A little later my brother and I got to talking about the time Oscar and Felix showed up on Password...The ultimate in early ABC cross-promotion, I reckon...Which reminded me that the love of Ludden's late life was none other than a pre-Susan Nivensized Betty White.
Actually, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should probably mention that, in addition to straight-up comedy and a hate-on for Lorne Michaels (who apparently passed on him in the early 90's), Maron also once worked the politics angle too....But even then there was a little time for fun and games.
It's almost 9:00am now on chocolate run Sunday morning and still nobody is up?....Geez...What's my family coming to?...Talk to you all later have a good third of four days...Speaking of which, 
The Third Man' post  is comin' promise (although Uncle Bob Mackin kinda/sorta beat me to it)...In the meantime, E. has me working on....This.



Norm Farrell said...

Reading the first line in The Gazetteer RSS feed, I had a vision of RossK's mother being articulate, insightful and very profane. Two of those descriptors made sense, one did not.

Anonymous said...


If you wrote a screen-play documenting your entertaining family it would surely be picked up by cable... I would watch, I imagine others would too... who would you want to play you?

You never know, it could beat out the sparkle-ponies when it comes to bringing Christy-dolla's into the economy?

The thinking person's Honey Boo-Boo?

RossK said...


You don't know my Mom....Ha!

(although I must confess, she seems to have toned down #3 quite a bit over the last generation or so.



I dunno.

I reckon just about every family, including the one you mentioned has all kinds of stuff just below the surface that is worth knowing about.

Anonymous said...


Kootenay Bill laid this hollow egg a day late:

Bill Bennett ‏@KootenayBill · 5m
REMEMBER A YEAR AGO WHEN NDP STRUTTED? Why nobody wants to lead B.C.'s official Opposition … via @macleansmag #bcpoli

RossK said...

Thanks SH--

And, for the record, around these parts we like to call the good Mr. Bill 'Turdstorm Blossom'....