Friday, April 04, 2014

Late Night In Snookland...Wherein Marky Mark Gets His Snark On (Again).


We have already noted how Mr. Mark Marrissen attempted to take a member of the proMedia who is not part of the Lotuslandian herd to task for speaking to the subject of his story rather than to him (i.e. to Mr. Marrissen):

But that apparently wasn't the end of it.

Because when another non-herd member chimed-in thusly...

Mr. Marrissen fired off the following rejoinder:

Thing is, the link Mr. Marrissen threw up leads back to a piece by Kai Nagata.

And in that piece Mr. Nagata refers to someone we have dubbed 'The Third Man' given the way his name keeps popping up, seemingly out of nowhere, in all of this.

More on that coming up on the weekend edition of 'This Day In Snookland'.


Before we go there....

Perhaps one of our dear readers (GWest maybe?) can remind us all, once again, who it is, exactly, that signs the Orders-In-Council 'round here....




Anonymous said...


Whatthe??? What about lying down with dogs, and fleas, and all that?

Mark Marissen ‏@marissenmark · 46m
BC Liberals, New Democrats and Greens work together on Water Sustainability Act … #bcpoli #cdnpoli

G West said...

OICs...Actually, anybody on the 'Executive Council' can sign one of those. That means: Miss Christy and any of her cabinet colleagues. Usually the OICs are signed by that member of the executive who has the mandate for the ministry in whose bailiwick the substance of the order falls. But it's by no means a sure thing.

You can look up orders in council on the Qp Legaleze website...

The problem is using the somewhat handicapped search function so it helps an awful lot know a bit about what you're looking for before you start!

G West said...

I should add that some OICs under the 'Constitution Act' would likely only be signed by the premier and of course, all of them have to, at some time, be signed by the LG (or her designate if she's unavailable) in order to be proclaimed.

RossK said...

Thanks GW--

Once we have unveiled 'The Third Man', we trust you will do your thing.

(again, if you anybody wants to get behind the curtain before the unveiling, it's not too hard because we have no body guards and all you have to do is utter the password 'Big Muddy' as you pass on through)


Anonymous said...

If you take a look at the history of Kai Nagata, despite being part of the Dogwood anti pipeline crowd, he's been open at times about his affinity for the federal Liberals on facebook.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon.

Regardless, I followed his exchanges with the good Mr. Marrissen on the Twittmachine. That, coupled with the fact that I view this is an even-handed fact-based piece, leads me to think that we was operating in good faith here.