Sunday, April 13, 2014

If The Greedheads Hated The HST-Free Campaign, Just Imagine...

...What A Province-Wide Anti-Pipeline Referendum Would Do To Them?

Non herd member Jeremy Nuttall has the story in 24 Hrs. Here's his lede:

An environmental group is amassing a network of canvassers and threatening to force a referendum if Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline project is approved by the federal government.

The Dogwood Initiative said it’s exploring creating an initiative petition under B.C.’s Recall and Initiative Act and launched Saturday — the same day that Kitimat residents voted against the project in a non-binding plebiscite.

The Dogwood Initiative said it’s unclear how such a referendum would affect Northern Gateway as this is uncharted territory. But its energy and democracy director Kai Nagata said if a majority of B.C. residents voted “no” it would put intense political pressure on the federal government to change its mind, and on the BC Liberals to oppose it in some way, such as a court challenge....

And, while the bought-and-paid-for flying ethical oilermaker dilbitnutter surrender monkeys will almost certainly soon be screeching and flinging their foreign contribution pooh all our body politic, here's something I still want to know...

How much, exactly, did Enbridge spend trying bamboozle the good folks of Kitimat?



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