Wednesday, April 02, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Who Speaks For The Former Partner Who Is Now Premier?


First, a document from Matthew Millar's story about Christy Clark's pre-premier partnership in a lobb-shoppe that once worked for Enbridge:

Second, a foot-stomping Tweet from 'another' partner in said lobb-shoppe.

Third Mr. Millar's reply to the 'other' partner:


There you have it.

A journalist is 'misleading' when he speaks to the 'partner' of a lobbying firm who was the subject of their story (i.e. Ms. Clark) and not the self-declared expert on the matter (a.k.a. the 'other' partner).

And just to remind you why Mr. Marrissen's willingness to speak vociferously on this issue (see his Twittmachine feed for further examples if you wish), here is Ms. Clark's response when asked about this matter by Mr. Millar in Ottawa on Monday:

...“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Clark said, when presented with the documents from Burrard Communications listing her name...


Wonder which big time Lotuslandian puffed-up proMedia pundit will jump in on this matter first?



Grant G said...

Who will jump in first?...Alsie Mills, Bridgette Anderson and Billy Good on cknw today..

The 10:00(Wednesday April 2) A.M. view from BC panel..

They called it a non story, a dead horse, they actuall y said, that was before she was on radio?

Interesting enough, one caller called in and said...(paraphrasing)..

How come small internet media always reveals BC Liberal scandals..How come the province or big media never uncovers Liberal scandal, is it a conspiracy....etc etc etc..

The view panel blew the caller off..

Oh, and by the way, the view panel didn`t bring up the Clark/Enbridge lobbying story..It was the caller..

One more thing..Before the view panel episode started, I said to the person sitting beside me in the car..

"I`ll bet the first words out of Billy Good`s mouth is Mike Harcourt"

I was correct..

You know where to find the cknw audio vault.


Grant G said...

Lobby lobby lobby like it`s 1999..

Or perhaps 2006...7....13

North Van's Grumps said...

Following up with Grant G's link above and using these words in Google:
2006, Burrard Communications, Christy Clark, Evergreen Line

There's this from THE MINUTES of:

Douglas College Regular Meeting
New Westminster Campus Boardroom
June 21, 2007

Page 2 of 9

With the Evergreen line the news again, Diana asked Ann Kitching to report on various meetings she had attended.

.2 Vice Chair's Report, Evergreen Line:
Ann reported that she, Susan (W) and Hazel Postma had met with Christy Clark, who is a communications consultant with Burrard Communications, which works for Translink. Christy asked us to take a lead role to ensure that the Evergreen Line goes through. Through meetings with Translink, MLA Iain Black and MP James Moore, it became clear that opinions and preferences remained varied, ranging from tunneling using new technology, to Sky Train ending .....

Anonymous said...

I am so very grateful for your willingness to subject yourself to reading twitters or interviews with these people. The only thing I want to read is your reporting on them and the subsequent comments:)
Thank you!

Grant G said...


Keith Baldrey ‏@keithbaldrey · 10h
Some idiot with 9 followers insults me and demands I ANSWER HIM NOW! Too funny. Applies to many other twits. You know who you are. #bcpoli

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Anonymous said...


Clark has the "distinction" of being named the fourth most popular Premier...

Would it not be more accurate to call Ms. Congeniality the #1 most propped-up Premier?

Quebec politicians, as grubby as they are, are at least under the scrutiny of an aggressive media.

Anonymous said...


The popular girl:

Anonymous said...


When a pro-Steve-come-hell-or-high-water blogger is much a-grieved over the desperate state of free-ball-power gaming in Greater Blotusland, well, ya know that Hell has indeed frozen over, and heads-up: pigs are a-fly'n!!!

Anonymous said...

As I was enjoying your most recent post it dawned on me that a large thank you was in order. I've been reading and enjoying your posts for two? years now. Thanks so much for your work. Reading the blogs keeps me well ahead of the "curve". Truth be told, oftentimes the "curve" never catches up.

Thanks again.

Wayne in Victoria

Anonymous said...


What would Jesus say?

Anonymous said...



Christian Clark:

Well y'all, since we'll be'in the fancy Govmint house and all, should I go all: "Beans and Jeans" Friday casual, "holy-roller" hottie, or "talk'n 'n tongues" bidness casual?

I'm pray'n on it.

Anonymous said...

The G&M: " Christy Clark, who has said she has full confidence in Ms. Miller. "

Seems to me that others in Christy's life who received her "full confidence"..... have resigned or been demoted.

Guy in Victoria

Unknown said...

or are still lying under the bus pinned to its undercarriage

RossK said...

Anon-Above and Wayne on The Island--


(and sorry for being so slow, it's been a week of tough slogging in the science geek bunker; as a result my patrolling of the comment threads suffered)