Saturday, April 05, 2014

Stopping A Smear Dead...The Akining.


You may have read, heard or seen how Con-World has set about smearing Sheila Fraser.

Simon has the gory details but, essentially, we are expected to kick her to the curb, disregard her opinions and villify her forever because she has agreed to work with Elections Canada in an effort to overhaul our election system to make it (gasp!) better.

All of which led to fully expected, wild-eyed knock-on effects like this:

Which led to the following most definitive pushback, directly from the source:

Which, of course, means that the smear is dead, right?

Maybe, maybe not.

It all depends if ConWorld decides that this one should be reborn as one of their infamous 'News Zombies'.

I reckon we'll know their true intentions by Monday.



Anonymous said...

Sheila Fraser has to take her expenses out of her contract money. Sheila does get to fly around this country for free, as politicians do.

We tax payers do pay her salary. However, I am very happy my tax dollars are being paid to Sheila Fraser. For this is all aboveboard, upfront and honest, unlike the corrupt Harper regime.

I won't bother saying what I think of, Harper's media propaganda machine? That isn't printable.
I consider my tax dollars well spent, to pay Sheila Fraser.

RossK said...

Good points Anon.



Grant G said...

You mean this CON Media..Sunnews(slime news)

No wonder they only have 5000 viewers..


RossK said...


That'd be the one.



RossK said...


The number of viewers does not matter.

Because there real function is to 'legitimize' codswallop and get the wurlitzer cranking so that other 'outlets' can pick such crap up.


Hugh said...

"A national investigation into allegations of dirty political calls has been under way for more than a year. Elections Canada had planned to wrap up that investigation by March 31. On Thursday, spokeswoman Diane Benson declined to say whether it is ongoing.

An Elections Canada report on “compliance and enforcement mechanisms” that was scheduled for this spring has been postponed until after the 2015 election because of the introduction of the Conservatives’ election bill.

That report had been expected to include information on the national robocalls investigation. On Thursday, a spokesman for the agency would not say when any report on that investigation would be released."

theEARLofSWIRL said...

Hugh Segal, also on that commission, has come out swingin':
"Sheila Fraser is wrong" notice, no defense of bill, just blanket condemnation. And SunMediaNoiseMachine took the deflated ball and ran with it "Rest of EC commission disagrees with Fraser"

RossK said...



That's the one version of the McMaher story, updated.

Maher's Twittmachine feed is pretty definitive on the 'nobody knows' aspect on when the report will be released.


Earl of S--

Ya. In Con-World it would appear that the message means nothing as long as you can publicly stone the messenger.


Speaking of messengers and stone throwers...When will the MSM wurlitzer smear on the matter of Mr. Segal's level of compensation begin?


Anonymous said...

It's no longer just imagined, the truth is now out - the Unfair Elections Act is a direct attack on Elections Canada by the Harper Government.