Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Dean's Report On Farnworth v. Horgan....The Inevitability Factor.


The money shot from Mr. Palmer's latest:

...Suddenly (upon Horgan's return) Farnworth, second-place finisher in that earlier campaign, no longer looked all that inevitable. As if rubbing it in Friday, the Horgan for leader campaign staged a high-profile announcement in the tri-city region, one of the three cities being Farnworth’s Port Coquitlam bailiwick.

Endorsing outsider Horgan over local stalwart Farnworth was a quartet of politicians from the region — MLA Selina Robinson, MP Fin Donnelly, former MLA Joe Trasolini and ex-MLA/MP Dawn Black.

That one must have hurt, Farnworth having worked on more than one campaign for some of them. But he’d also realized, from many a non-committal conversation with people whose support he needed, that “it just wasn’t there for me.” Perhaps his heart was never 100 per cent in the race in the first place...


No direct mention of a Provincial Vision thing that is, if not Top(p), is at least sideways on a few folks mind in the wake of Mike Harcourt's rant last week.


Here's something to consider (at least for a moment or two).

Those folks who melted way from Mr. Farnworth 'non-committally?

We're any of them, by chance, members of the flackhackery that might have had a role in the original Rising of the Gregor?

As the subheader suggests, there was a lot in Mr. P's column that is the type of stuff that is used to brand bloggers as being irresponsible and/or 'cultish' all the time (not that there is, apparently according to Mr. Palmer himself, anything 'wrong with that')...Regardless, the thing at the very end, wherein the Dean wondered if there was any development project anywhere that Mr. Horgan has not/will not endorse unequivocally, really bugged me.....Why?....Because, first, Mr. Palmer has pulled this poop before....And,  to the best of my knowledge that kind of thing was never, ever put to the candidate who is now our 'Say Anything' Premier, even on all matters Enbridge.



Eleanor Gregory said...

Exhibit 1: The headline in this morning's Vancouver Sun is "NDP race fizzles as Farnsworth bows out--MLA Horgan likely to win leadership by acclamation". Reporter is Rob Shaw. Very important to cast any news about the NDP in a negative light

Anonymous said...

Eleanor, excellent point. The Van Sun and all MSM cast the NDP in a negative light in the last election and it was a major contributor to the NDP loss.

Anonymous said...

Please stop calling this paid for instrument the dean... or at least put quotation marks around the honorific...
"The dean" indeed...

Bill said...

I hate to cast aspersions but Palmer's blather is just so predictable. He is and "has been" embedded since his wayback days covering the Rolling Stones - back then the provincial MSM political coverage had passion for the real story. Nowadays all Palmer gets is a Liberal spin paper to slyly rewrite for his "family".

I wish him a retirement ASAP, he got the buyout a long time ago and we are all paying for it.

Anonymous said...

RossK: "... the Dean wondered if there was any development project anywhere that Mr. Horgan has not/will not endorse unequivocally..."

There's refining bitumen, and then there's refining other stuff : the Dean cannot have missed the news items re a skeptical Horgan not buying into David Black's greasy Valhalla. Here are a few:

(...You can imagine the post-clip clucking, after Good replayed the Horgan sound-bite from the McComb show.)

Or this pre-election oily "news" piece at the top of the Castanet Forum thread:

Anonymous said...

SH here, and 6:43 above...

"Rising of the Gregor" ...sounds like the makings of a rock opera RossK... or at the very least a fable handed down from generation to generation of non-pros.

Anonymous said...


Et tu Keith?

Keith Baldrey ‏@keithbaldrey 1h
So much for the front page. The National Post has now buried that RCI/Clark story on its website. #bcpoli

Anonymous said...


Saint Christy 'bin hidin' her light under a bushel?

Jeremy Nuttall ‏@jeremy24hours · 37m
Clark is the greatest corporate philanthropist the province has ever seen, tirelessly working for free for all sorts of companies. #BCpoli

RossK said...

I watched the original 'Rising Of The Gregor' happen in real time down at Science World.

It really was like a Rock Opera.

Wrote about it here.


Will have more to say about Ms. Clark's philanthropy for the cronies later....

(busy sci-geek bunker time)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link RossK.

What would "The Rising of the Gregor" be without a journaliste-messager a velo and a conga line?

RossK said...


I dunno.