Thursday, April 24, 2014

Elections-Canada Runs Away From Robocalls....Again.


Alison has the present day run, run, run, run run away.

Here's the money shot:

"... it is not sufficient to find evidence of misdirection of an elector. There must be evidence of intention to prevent the elector from voting, or by some pretence or contrivance, to induce the elector to vote or not vote for a particular candidate...."

But here's the thing.

Exactly the same thing happened in Saanich.





e.a.f. said...

but you don't understand, its the Conservative Party of Canada. They are the party of majority. Their leader is the Prime Minister of Canada and the RCMP report to him and his. Now does anyone think this was going to end any other way.

The Conservatives will do as they please, when they please and we can all just "suck it up". Kid has a party and another kid is so drunk the ambulance is called.....

The Conservatives control the RCMP at this time and so just move along.....

RossK said...


I hear you, and realize what you are really saying, but...

Still important that they did NOT have a majority going into (or out of) the 2008 election.


Anonymous said...

From here on forward, until such time as there is a complete overhaul of the elections system in Canada, no-one, whether an elector or an electee, can have complete confidence that the result of an election is truly valid.
This is a disaster.

RossK said...


Regrettably, I cannot disagree with you.