Saturday, August 02, 2014

A Great Good-Bye To A Great British Columbian.


Ink-stained, but never wretched, right to the very end, Paul St. Pierre has died.

A great good-bye comes from a former student, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey.


You shouldn't be.

Here is Beer's elliptically symbiotic trapezoidal lede...

"Learned Paul St. Pierre died this week. Among Canadian writers I would rank only the late George Woodcock ahead of him. If you have not read all his books you really ought to. My favourite is "In the Navel of the Moon," a poetic story about Mexico and its and our place in the ongoing war crime we know as the war on drugs.

St. Pierre was the best story teller I have ever come across. Better, even, than Bukowski, if only because he, unlike Bukowski, got the f*ck out of America and chose Canada as his home...."


Goodnight Mr. St. Pierre's Cariboo Country Moon...


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