Friday, August 15, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Still Payin' Off Everybody.


Persuant to that 8 million dollar deal/pay-off that was made to free-up a big chunk of land on Burke Mountain from future land claims so that it could be sold off to developers  in the name of 'austerity'....

In yesterday's post we asked who might have bought it.

Bought the land, I mean.

As a result of that question we were pointed to an August 7th piece in the Tri-Cities News by Janis Warren.

There's a lot in the piece, which is solid. Here's the part that pertains to our question:

...The $8.2-million provincial land deal (with the Kwikwetlem First Nation) pertained to 584 acres of Crown land north of Coast Meridian Road that the province put up for sale on Feb. 4 to balance its books; 370 acres were purchased a month later by Wesbild...

Reader Lew filled us in on the pertinent details, which can be confirmed by poking around in the Googleplex:

..Wesbild Holdings is a subsidiary of Persis Holdings, owned by the Khosrowshahi family. Another subsidiary is DRI Capital, a private equity firm specializing in the purchase of royalty streams on pharmaceutical products through two managed funds, Drug Royalty I and Drug Royalty II. The family and these associated companies are all heavy and regular contributors to the BC Liberals...


There you have it.

In Snookland, like theGolden Era before it, if you pay you really do get to play.

And the Wizards and Refs working the game behind the curtain will use 'austerity' and 'belt-tightening' and/or any and all PR-style codswallopanarianism to make it happen.




Anonymous said...


Head spinning from it all, esp after listening to Ms. "steady as she goes", impressionist, Mary Polak on Almanac.

Sheesh RossK how do you do it? Thinking of making like my comatose dogs and going to ground...

***RegimeChangeVictoria @SteveFilipovic · 15h
MT @aulidotca #bcndp offers no vision or alternatives! People movement needed, political system really flawed, been duped for eons! #bcpoli
#Reasons BC Greens fail

1. BC Greens fail to understand legacy of the Golden Age of Davey.

2. Tongues stained with #666 "Liberal Subterfuge Delicata Black".

3. "Eons". Say no more.

4. Shabby Trojan Horse.

5. Liberal pimped Green Party poster matron, Jane Sterk takes on more MILFY Carole James and loses.

6. Weaver.

7. Steve Filipovic.

8. "Unions aren't green enough."

9. Green-washer Gordon Campbell carbons essential institutions into the red.

10. 2013 Liberal win.

Darwin Sauer ‏@darwinsauer 33m
End of Cutting Edge says more about growing political apathy than future of radio. Time to care again. bcpoli#
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OK Pacific Gazeteer, I'll leave this one two you, time for the RossK death-roll!

Anonymous said...

Should come to BC to Play