Thursday, August 14, 2014

If There Are Any Problems Cleaning Up The Mount Polley Disaster Will It Be...

...The Environmentalists Fault?

An absurd question?

Sure is.

But it is most certainly no more absurd than the absolute absurdity (some might call it an outright lie) buried within the lede of the article linked to the tweet shown.

See if you can spot it.

Uprooted trees, muddied water with a silvery sheen, fish belly-up on the surface. There was something essentially un-Canadian about the first galling photos to emerge out of Mount Polley, B.C., where a copper and gold mine’s tailings pond—a containment area where the waste produced through the mining process is treated and allowed to dry before being disposed—burst through its earthen walls last week...


And, as an aside.... 

When, exactly, are we going to start blaming anti-nuke activists for the damaged caused by the Fukashima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island disasters?




North Van's Grumps said...

a containment area where the waste produced through the mining process is treated and allowed to dry before being disposed


Allowed to Dry?


ron wilton said...

Leak? Does this twit ter have any grasp of the english language at all?

Anonymous said...

Leak my @$$. This is a catastrophic dump, not merely a breach as they put it.

That is what happens when? Safety standards are deregulated. Environment standards are deregulated. When Environment Ministries are stripped of funding. When resource projects are permitted to operate with, acute shortages of staff.

Seems Harper and Christy Clark's mining barons are just as greedy as, Harper's oil and gas barons. Harper and Jason Kenny bring over foreigners for the resource barons to exploit. Some foreigners don't understand the language and are another hazard. Some have been killed at the oil patch.

This atrocity at Mount Polley? It is my complete belief, this is about pure unadulterated greed.

Harper, the BC Liberal and the greed of the mine barons, wear this one.

I am supporting the F.N. people. Imagine no-one at the mine, answered the FN people calls, for absolute hours.

sd said...

Let's finally quit calling these hugh reservers of toxic waste "ponds".God, Polly's waste site was the size of Central Park.

Anonymous said...