Saturday, August 09, 2014

Mount Polley Disaster...The Red Herring Still Swims (For Now).


A number of drinking water safety tests have come back positive.

Which is a good thing, short term, for the people who live in, or who are visiting, the effluent flow fall-out zone.

However, do not let the fact that the Snooklandians are, essentially, using this as an 'It's not as bad as we thought/everything's going to be OK after all' card fool you as they crawl out of their hidey-holes to face the people (see, for example, environment minister Polak, Mary).


Because of this, buried deep below the lede in the CP's Snooklandian-friendly story from last night:

...All five (water) testing sites had zinc levels above chronic, or long-term, exposure limits for aquatic life, which an accompanying memo said could be a problem if it persists...

What's that all about Alfie?

Well, don't forget, it's the sludge that holds all the toxicity, not the water. That's why the recommendation from those in the know was to release some of the water (not the sludge) from that giant lake BEFORE the massive breach occurred.


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Anonymous said...

Acid generating rock, PAG, can continue to, release toxins for 60 years. This is catastrophic, not merely a breach as they put it. This is impossible to clean-up.

My question is, what killed the fish? Why are the skins falling off the fish?

Harper and the Clark BC Liberals, are totally to blame for this atrocity. This is all about, pure, utter greed of the mine Barons.

We all know Harper's part in, his greedy oil and gas Barons too.