Friday, August 15, 2014

Arbutus Corridor...Let The Bulldozing Begin!


Pretty sure the Twittmachine will soon be full of pictures.

Here's the MoCo's Lede from the middle of the night:

CP Rail brought in heavy equipment Thursday afternoon and began tearing down structures and removing the community gardens that local residents have nurtured for years along the disused Arbutus corridor railway in Vancouver...

Interesting game, this game of mo-money chicken, with backhoes, eh?

Meanwhile, there really are tons of well-meaninged and righteous citizens who have been doing the right thing for years who are are going to have their great works ruined in seconds.



Eleanor Gregory said...

Heard an interesting brief interview yesterday on CBC of a woman who has gardened her little plot beside the CPR line for several years, including before trains stopped running on the line. She recalled train engineers waving at her as she tended to her garden plot. Maybe the CPR plans to run really wide trains.

RossK said...


Or, maybe...


Conducted, of course, by Dick Van Dyke.


e.a.f. said...

did anyone expect CN to do anything other than what it did. Remember who they are and what they do and how little they care. This railbed will not carry another train, there is no where for it to go.

This was just another e.g. of a corporations trying to extract as much money as they can. I would expect the next thing they do is build condos, then they can make real money. What will be really sad though is Vancouver council will approve the zoning.

dan said...


Anyone selling anything makes the attempt to extract as much revenue as possible. It is the nature of selling products; whether it is land or otherwise….
The offer from the city is not an offer, it is an insult. The city is offering what they claim as market value.

The offer is based on undeveloped land which is accurate; however the city won a court case against the development of that land, for it to remain a transit corridor, so I believe the city must be cautious as to any thought of rezoning.

One thing we don’t want for sure is for Gregor the lightweight to get his hands on that strip.