Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Pay Off Everybody.



Update: See contributions from NVG and Lew, in the comments.

While everyone is focussed on the chief's big payday no one seems to care about this, from Postmedia's Shinsoki and Hopper:

...The B.C. Ministry of Finance acknowledged the Kwikwetlem First Nation was paid to “extinguish” future claims on a plot of Crown land that was being sold off by the province.

Neither the province nor the Kwikwetlem band would specify what parcel of land is at the centre of the $8-million deal, although band members say it’s a 236-hectare parcel on Burke Mountain near the Kwikwetlem reserve, which has long been a destination for hunting and berry picking among the Kwikwetlem elders...

And just how much was that Burke Mountain 'parcel' sold to?

And for how much?

NVG - do your stuff.



North Van's Grumps said...

RossK your 'Shinsoki and Hopper' link is a dead end. This one works, but only one credit going to Tristan Hopper

As to WHERE on Burke mountain NONE!!! Red Herring??? .... according to a BC Government database on THEIR property throughout the province, there are precisely 95 parcels of land Owned and 5 parcels Leased by the BC Government in Coquitlam.

Within that information though, using search criteria of the longitude latitude of "Burke Mountain", there is NO parcel for sale.

There is one parcel: 236.54 SQ-M Owned 49.25006827 -122.8024507 with an address at 2601 Lougheed Hwy........ but then there's a whole chunk of properties with the same address...74 altogether at 149,909 Sq. M.

NB 236.54 square metres is equal to 0.02356 hectares

Which leaves one, to wonder if the database has been intentionally created to EXCLUDE TFN contested land.... leaving one to wonder about statistics created by the PAB aka GCPE

RossK said...

Thanks for the digging NVG.


Lew said...

The Tri-City News reported that the $8.2 million provincial land deal pertained to 584 acres of Crown land north of Coast Meridian Road (Burke Mountain) that the province put up for sale on February 04th to balance its books. Wesbild Holdings bought 370 acres a month later. Wesbild had previously purchased 400 acres of land on Burke Mountain from the province and private landowners, and is developing a major residential community on that land.

Wesbild Holdings is a subsidiary of Persis Holdings, owned by the Khosrowshahi family. Another subsidiary is DRI Capital, a private equity firm specializing in the purchase of royalty streams on pharmaceutical products through two managed funds, Drug Royalty I and Drug Royalty II. The family and these associated companies are all heavy and regular contributors to the BC Liberals.

If your friend’s pharmaceutical revenue streams were affected by the Therapeutics Initiative, and aboriginal land claims were still attached to Crown land they wanted to buy, wouldn’t you want to help?

RossK said...


Fantastic. Thanks.

Can you send us a link to the Tri-City News piece?


motorcycleguy said...

Coquitlam is a favourite haven for developers. Wesbild and Burke Mountain LP donated about $35,000 to the mayor and councillors for the last election. More came from BFW and Progressive Contracting. Our building size bylaws and zoning changes have been heavily influenced by developers with input by residents being dismissed. I am thinking there were a lot of backroom deals going on between this particular Coquitlam Council, this particular provincial government, developers and First Nations.....all levels of elected officials (for all parties involved) have been swayed by the lure of donations.

"Donations". That is such a nice word. Makes me think of George Carlin's comparison of words used to describe football vs baseball.