Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robo-Call Verdict...Sometimes A Limited Hangout Really Does Work.


Want context, particularly about how the judge himself doesn't think it was a one man operation, re: Pierre Poutine verdict?

Saskboy's got it.

Here's his kicker, but go read his entire post:

...So kids, if you commit election fraud in Canada, move to Alberta, or Kuwait, and you’ll be free. As it stands now, the Conservatives last election overspent on multiple campaigns, and at least in Guelph (and actually in hundreds of other ridings too not mentioned in this verdict) took steps to misdirect voters away from polls. The party of Contempt for democracy is the party of election fraud...

Glen McGregor's live blog on the proceedings is here.
And would now be the time to remember that Robocall shenanigans targeted at demonstrably non-Conservative voters did not begin in either Guelph or 2011?


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