Friday, August 01, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The 'Official' Downgrading Of The Sparkle Ponies


Idiot Bloggers with no established credibility started grading the LNG Sparkle Ponies as, essentially, junk bonds with no real value BEFORE the last provincial election campaign began in earnest.

And during that election campaign, and pretty much ever since until very recently, the Lotuslandian proPundits with all that alleged established credibility have allowed the Snooklandians to pretend that the Sparkle Ponies are actually real pretty much unfettered.

And then, yesterday, so late in the game that it does not matter,  the Dean of the established credibility crowd, the VSun's Mr. Palmer, got the Snooklandian finance minister Mike de Jong to admit that Sparkle Ponies are not.

Not real, I mean.

More to the point, Mr. de Jong called them 'aspirational'. 

But here's the thing.

Mr. Palmer buried that lede that actually matters deep below his piece on the $40 a day school strike extension bribe diversion.


I would be remiss if I didn't mention that fellow blogger GrantG has been onto the Sparkle Pony Delusion from the very beginning...
And why is no one amongst the EstCred crowd talking explicitly about how the $40-a-day-bribe just happened to be announced yesterday, the very same day that another real nail was driven into coffin of the undead/never born sparkle pony coffin when Apache pulled out of the Kitimat LNG 'project'?...I mean, deflector spin much?...And just who is in control of the PAB-Bot spinners these days anyways...Oh, ya...I remember now.
And finally, an historical word from the self-proclaimed defender of the EstCred crowd's realm....The good Mr. Baldrey...



Anonymous said...

And elsewhere in the BC media, there is no reaction from Christy Clark. I see the CBC has finally posted a story.... but reaction from the queen or king of LNG.
I guess it's no big deal when a major player bows out & say's that it would take a long time to build and maybe somebody else could do another "era".

What's next Christy ??? Give it all away to the Chinese for another photo-op and NO trillions in the "Prosperity Fund" ???

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

what is some what puzzling, is a couple of months ago, "snookie" and Don McRae said the province was so short of money it needed to mine for $17M in the pockets of children who lived at 50% below the poverty line. they would not be able to keep their child support payments. Now suddenly there is money to pay everyone, with a computer and kids under 13, $40 per day? Doesn't make much sense to me. I do wonder though, if you don't have a computer, how do you register? Will those on disability or welfare be able to keep the money?

like if "snookie" is handing out "sparkle pony" money, why can't those below the poverty line keep receiving it and spend it on things like food for their children. just asking.

Anonymous said...

Sucker punched

More raw logs and green washed coal.?

What else is a fail for bc liberals .aspired I mean.?

70 billion in debt in 2017 for bc.

A reporter moving to bc might think they are on vacation

Grant G said...

Inspirational....Thanks Mr. K..

Got a funny feeling that there won`t be a fall sitting at the leg..?

An excuse will be made about MLAs being busy helping out constituents, you know, the people`s work..

Legislature would have to sit to legislate teachers back to work..


And if the legislature was sitting the BC Liberals would be pressed to introduce, and inform the public what our LNG export tax rate is at..

Hey, the NDP might even ask question during QP as to what is our LNG tax rate..

And with no final investment decisions...

Methinks Christy Clark ain`t in no "Inspirational" mood..

Expect a late August 2 day sitting to enact childcare payment regime..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

Bc liberals are in a quagmire of their own quicksand.
Quick announce another p3 mega project!

I get aspirated about 8 hours after eating a burrito