Friday, August 08, 2014

This Day In Snookland...'No One Understands'


It would appear that our 'Say Anything' Premier was at it again yesterday, as quoted by Corus' Shane Woodford:

...“No one understands how this happened this time. We are goijng to understand thoroughly and in detail how this occured. Once we understand that if changes need to be made we will make them for every mine across the province. Again it is impossible to assign blame for certain aspects of it before we understand what exactly happened.”..


How about this, from Jennifer Sheppard's MoCo story on Tuesday.

...The B.C. Ministry of Environment says it warned Imperial Metals about the Mount Polley mine tailings pond levels repeatedly before this week's devastating breach...

Or, how about this, straight from the lede of Denise Ryan's NaPo story on Tuesday:

As far back as 2011, concerns were raised about the tailings pond at the Mount Polley Mine. Brian Olding and Associates, an environmental consulting firm, prepared a detailed report that was submitted to the provincial Ministry of the Environment.

“We looked at the pond and we thought there was monitoring required. We wanted an emergency contingency plan in place.”

Olding was hired jointly by the Williams Lake Indian Band, the Soda Creek Indian Band and mine owner Imperial Metals to conduct an independent review of the Mount Polley Mine 75 kilometres southeast of Quesnel and prepare a technical assessment report on the proposed discharge of water from a tailings pond...


And all this was reported BEFORE mine workers started talking back while Ms. Clark was in hiding during the first days after the pile of dirt dam broke.


I thought Ms. Clark's minions told us she was being briefed on the 'issue' while she was squirrelled away in the bunker before she suddenly emerged, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to tell us all about the 'promising' drinking water testing results Thursday afternoon that would soon become official (a full day after Terry Lake signalled that, perhaps, the Snooklandians already had that red herring in-hand late Wednesday).

It's almost as if these fine folks really do think that we can't remember what happened yesterday.

As for forty-eight hours?

Well, when you get that far out I guess the plan is to just shake up all the etch-a-sketches in the Premier's office and pretend while they recite the immortal words of Sgt. Schultz over and over and over and over again.


The mendacity of these people really is really quite breathtaking.

And if you need more proof of that you need to look no further than yesterday's claim from Mr. Clark's  Mines Minister that tailings pond inspections are unchanged 'since 2009'.

Of course, this claim is ridiculous on its face given that  the numbers of inspections have fallen significantly since the BCLiberals came to power in 2001 AND there is ministerial memo/letter written by the comptroller for water rights and sent to the Deputy Minister in 2011 warning of how understaffing was a concern for tailing pond oversight

The controller's memo/letter also said the following according to The Tyee's David Ball:

...(Comptroller)Davidson's letter expressed concern over staff cuts and the fact that the province had moved away from "audits" of dams towards relying on private operators to uphold the rules...

If it looks walks like self-regulation, quacks like self-regulation, and smells like self-regulation it probably is self-regulation.


Why is the drinking water testing thing a potential red herring that the Snooklandians have been using as part of the deflector spin roll-out?...Don't get me wrong, it is a real thing...But, it would appear that the sediments where the toxicity lies...And what about that selenium anyway?
Oh, and if you want to read a pro-media report that will have nothing whatsoever to do with the Snooklandian's etch-a-sketchmotology, you might want to go outside the cult of Lotusland's media club to read the Seattle PI's Joel Connelly.



Anonymous said...

If that quote is word for word..... she definitely needs some schooling in English.
" Repeating words and phrases weakens your writing, confusing the mood, deflating conflict, dulling character descriptions, and generally killing your reader's interest in the story."

Christy... get some help or replace a few from the hundreds in your PR department.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

This Mount Polley disaster, is all about greed. The mine Barons are just as greedy as, Harper`s oil and gas Barons.

This one is on, Harper his Cons and Christy Clark and her BC Liberals. The deregulation of safety and environmental standards. Running mines with a severe shortage of staff, is really el torro poopoo.

Jason Kenny out and out blatantly lied regarding his TFW plots. There is no shortage of resource workers in Canada, what-so-ever.

You should read the perks, the Engineers from India have. Read of the Chinese Engineers being brought over. Read of Kenny`s skilled workers, he is bringing from foreign countries. Many Canadian Engineers are applying overseas for work.

Acid generating rock, PAG, can continue to, release toxins for 60 years. This is catastrophic, not merely a breach as they put it. This is impossible to clean up. Now they say, Mount Polly is not a generating acid mine. Then why are fish dying and losing their skins

Anonymous said...

An old friend of mine and his friends couldn't wait for this government to get in. They knew they would get away with pretty well anything cause there was going to be a lot less enforcement, regulations and rules and this government was opening everything up to them. Big bucks in their eyes and filling their pockets. have paid off except they just had a disaster. Now make them pay for it and not the bc taxpayers ... Christy, are you listening? Company money, not citizens pockets.

RossK said...


Re: schooling.

You mean academic tourism doesn't count?



Well, Ms. Clark has already gone 'on record' as saying that the company will pay for the clean-up...We'll see if that utterance once again means less than zero.