Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Self-Regulation By Abdication.


From the CP by way of the MoCo:

...Imperial Metals says it has signed an agreement with the Tahltan Central Council that will see the company pay for an outside engineering firm, chosen by the band, to review the Red Chris tailings facility.

The company says it has agreed to respond to any issues identified by the review.

A group of Tahltan members known as the Klabona Keepers had started a blockade of the Red Chris site in response to the Mount Polley spill, but a spokeswoman for the group says the blockade has ended with the new agreement...

Good on the First Nations.

But has it really come to this?

I mean, have we now reached a place where no one has any trust whatsoever that provincial government regulators will actually do their job (and/or be allowed to do their job) properly?

And just where is our fine Premier these days anyway?



scotty on denman said...

Yes, it has come to this: The BC Liberals, who believe government should be run like a business---or, in other words, there should be no government---except as advertiser and fixer for private interest, has repurposed the now extinct office of Premier to the office of, in Christy's own words,"BC's number one booster!", and it's no more likely to get anything of substance from her than it would be for Macdonalds to address their abuse of Temporary Foreign Workers by trotting out Ronald.

Christy has adopted the cavalier hyperbole of advertisement. People understand that, she says. BC, for example, invented LNG, has the best LNG and the most LNG. Of all her cabinet ministers, I can think of no other more similarly inclined than Bill Bennet: BC invented mining, has the best mines, and the most mines and the safest mines with tailings ponds so clean you can enjoy a quaff anytime! His only maudlin lament is it's so lonely being a "Maytag" mining ministry repairman.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know a soul that trusts Harper and his Cons nor his, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. All of them have, lied, deceived, are corrupt and they cheated to win.

Absolutely, do not trust anything the BC Liberals nor Harper have a hand in. Nor, never ever trust Imperial Metals. They are just as greedy as, Harper's oil and gas barons. I would trust someone, such as Alexandra Morten.

BC citizens have had enough of, corrupt stacked panels and studies. I'm sure we all recall Campbell's election lies? The BCR wasn't for sale and, the HST wasn't on his radar either. How about Ditzy Christy's 100,000 for BC citizens. I won't start on Harper's corruption, lies and deceit or, I will be sitting here all day.

kootcoot said...

"And just where is our fine Premier these days anyway?"

We actually have a Premier?

Coulda fooled me!

Anonymous said...

Our "fine Premier" appears to be holidaying about as far away as she can get without leaving Canadian soil ... and introducing Hamish to an island far less "toxic" than the one she is forced to visit back home in BC!

Lew said...

Clark is at the annual Premiers' conference in PEI. Probably got her tickets from Ticketmaster.

Stay tuned for her customary embarrassment of BC.

Anonymous said...

Is this how bc will handle fracking?

Don F. said...

The problem with mount polley is not that the pond was inadequate at the beginning but that they abused it beyond it's intended capacity afterwards. Agreeing to have an engineering firm chosen by the Tahltan means little in that context.
The scenario at mount Polley will probably eventually happen again because the company Imperial Metals has not been held to any degree at fault and punished.
I am surprised and a little disappointed that they can do so little to appease the Tahltan and go on as usual.

e.a.f. said...

Where is the premier? At the premier's conference and interestingly enough, we haven't heard a peep out of her. Perhaps they could keep her there and give our ears a rest.

It was so nice to hear premiers saying things which made sense. Perhaps they will keep Christie in P.E.I. but I've got a feeling their Premier will just ship her back here.

I do wish that woman would keep her mouth shut. She does have Baldry's mouth anyhow and that ought to be enough for the rest of us to have to put up with.