Friday, August 29, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Art Of The Deflector Spin Deal.


Big news out of the Premiers' conference this morning.

The following is the headline on top of the Globe and Mail's piece, written by their political gossip columnist-in-chief Jane Taber, from Charlottetown:

Dill pickle vodka for all: B.C. and Saskatchewan open liquor borders


You read that right.

While our rivers and lakes are burning (with toxic sludge) we're supposed to be happy with dill pickle vodka.

I'm just surprised there wasn't an exclamation point on top of that G&M header.

Look, I'm not upset with such a deal...Hopefully it will open up new markets for craft-type businesses without destroying local scenes...It's just that the way major media outlets, including national ones (and I'm looking at you too MoCo producers), jumped on this as being 'significant' was very telling re: their ability to be bamboozled by the tiny and the shiny, especially if they are spinning.


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Don F. said...

Saw her our very own Christy give an interview with Evan Solomon about this. My stomach churned it was so hard to watch.
She was in her element completely talking dill pickle vodka