Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Another Reason Not To Pay For The Digital Version Of The VSun.


I mean, in addition to the ridiculous cost (do not be fooled by the 99 cent first month)...


Norm Farrell has the story, and it is that abomination called 'sponsored content'.

And, more importantly, Norm explains why.

Why it is an abomination, I mean.

Go read his piece.

(Mr. Willcocks?....Over to you)

Just so you know...The two E's, C and I are on the road for a couple of weeks...This is being typed, early in the morning with everyone else still sleeping) from the luxurious 2nd room (i.e. the tiny one with all the porcelain in it) located in the La Quinta Inn and Suites in Salem, Oregon...Two Gentleman of Verona in Ashland tonight!...Music and (maybe) a few pictures to follow...



Anonymous said...

Hey Ross K! Have a great trip! Hope you can report along the way how music contributes to a better world---anywhere you go.


Anonymous said...

How bout that world class mine tailing pond
And world class forest fire prevention
And world class transit system and social services computer system
That's a world class teachers strike also

paul said...

Some thoughts from my perspective over here http://willcocks.blogspot.ca/2014/08/nespapers-sponsored-content.html