Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mount Polley Disaster (ctd)...The Exceedances.


From Tyler Orton's lede in BIV:

While sediment samples collected from the area surrounding the Mount Polley tailings breach exceed some provincial standards, the B.C. Ministry of Environment insists levels are consistent with earlier baselines.

“There were some exceedances. This is to be expected because these materials samples were and are believed to be the material that was spilled out of the tailings impoundment,” B.C. Ministry of Environment regional operations director Jennifer McGuire told reporters in an August 29 conference call.

“Copper and iron were significantly higher than the standards that we have here in B.C.”

Furthermore, the ministry said it discovered “low but potentially significant” levels of arsenic and selenium concentrations within the sediment samples...

Sure does sound like the stuff of snow and avalanches and all that to me.

And where are the Ol' Turdstormer and the Selenium Queen on this one?

As for the Premier?



Dill pickle vodka!

And, as Laila points out, this was dumped on us on the eve of the longest proMedia deadzone of the year.

Gary E. has a great post up on the 'dozer' at the moment too.


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