Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Boss! Boss! The Film!


My oh my...

Look what Alexandra Morton has wrought:

The province is investigating reports of a blue film that stings to the touch on the surface of Quesnel Lake following the collapse of Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine tailings dam.

Biologist Alexandra Morton, with the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society, notified the Interior Health Authority about the blue film. She took photos, video and samples of the film that will be tested in a Lower Mainland lab.

Following reports of the blue film, Interior Health contacted the Ministry of Environment, which has collected samples, Sue Pollack, a medical health officer with Interior Health, said Wednesday.

The results of the analysis will be released when they are available, she said...

The above is the lede of Gordon Hoekstra's latest in the VSun.



Ms. Morton set all that in motion that just by going to the place with some jars, a camera, and a blog?

Is that even allowed?

I mean, where's here 'established credibility' anyway?

And Troll-O-Matic Footballers, if you want to talk smack in the comments you better you better hit the line with facts tucked under your arms rather than cherry-picked puffs of creme....



Ron S. said...

established credibility? There isn't any unless your the owner of the mine. Then you have gobb$$$ of established credibility.

Gary E said...

If I'm not mistaken "established credibility" was brought about by some copy writers from the local rags so they would have an excuse to bar bloggers and Tieleman from gathering vital info on the theft read giveaway)of our railway.

RossK said...

Gary E!


And Robin Mathews too.