Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Night In Snookland...What's Fairness Got To Do With It?


The Vince Ready Sessions are over.

And the deal is not done.


What does the Snooklandian leader have to say?

Well, according to the Twittmachine it is this:



When, exactly, did fairness become the 'issue' for Ms. Clark and friends?

And as for 'affordability'....How much, exactly, are we ALL spending to subsidize private schools that only 'certain' kids can go go to?....Best estimates are a quarter billion dollars per year....Yes, you read that right...A billion with a 'B'...Is that fair and/or affordable?



Anonymous said...

1,000 million dollars every 4 years in BC to privatized school subsidy.?

RossK said...




Unknown said...

Ready walks out. Looks like he is using the BCTF modus operandi to get his message across that the government is not negating.

Gary E said...

I am not even going to use Rafes term here. Christy is straight out lying when she say they want a fair deal. This whole thing revolves around her getting her own way in spite of BC supreme court rulings. As proof, lets not forget who was Education minister when the government went against the constitution. The government are the ones that will cost us over 200 million. NOT the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Disregard legal outcome disregard blackout?

sd said...

It's actually closer to 300 million a year.Can you say creationists?

sd said...

Tweets by the twit! That's negotiating crusty style alright!

RossK said...

Thanks sd--

Point taken on the actual number.