Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Keef Report.


It would appear that the good Mr. Baldrey is back to bashing teachers once more, especially those of them that have the audacity to have opinions:

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Anonymous said...

Someone should ask him why Global TV did not have anything to report on BC Liberal's payout to Ron Mattson to settle lawsuit from firing two years ago. Did they consider it not worthy or were they purposely withholding it from public view. Nothing on Baldrey's twit account after announcement on Monday either. Looks like 'evil capitalist maintream media' at work to me.

Anonymous said...

Well. If you recall ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell's reign of terror? I have never forgotten the BC media, being Campbell's propaganda machine. Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his election. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar either.

Now we have, Christy Clark's election lie, 100,000 jobs for the BC people. The Chinese were given the jobs, of building the LNG plant near Prince Rupert. Poland was given, BC's ship building contract. BC's raw logs still sail over to Communist China non-stop, even though BC mills are closing down because, of a shortage of timber. Wonder who gets the, 400 year old Douglas Firs they are hacking down, near Port Alberni?

Not even BC's parks are safe from, the BC Liberals greed.

Anonymous said...

Didn't 2 reports spouses pull in 1.2 million.
What did they do to earn that.?
Conflict of interest.?

spartikus said...

And here's another for the Keef Report

Honestly, just stay away from the keyboard when you've been tippling.