Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fraser Institute...Right To Work Laws Equal 'Choice'?


From Business In Vancouver's Emma Hempel's fine bit of stenography:

All Canadian provinces lag behind American states in terms of labour relations laws, and British Columbia is particularly bad, according to a Fraser Institute study released August 28.

The laws in Canada restrict worker choices, leading to suppression of job growth and investment, argues the study, while laws in every U.S. state are less biased and more conducive to growth...


What are the fine folks at the Muddy Up Everything thinky place up to this time as another Labour Day approaches?

Well, according to the Broadbent Institute, what they're really doing is conflating worker 'choice' with a race to the bottom of a new gilded cage where all the poop and 'right-to-work' laws lurk:

...In a world where up is down and down is up, the Fraser Institute's "study" classifies "right-to-work" jurisdictions as balanced and unbiased (Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, Alabama, and Texas, to name a few). These U.S. states offer "flexibility" while other jurisdictions with labour laws to protect workers (Canadian provinces) are "biased." ...

And the conflation even extends to Dora The Explora-type maps:

Golly, gee.

I sure do wish we could be more like Mississippi, what with their significantly lower annual wages, significantly lower median household incomes and their significantly higher workplace injuries and deaths.

Cause that's a bunch of 'choices' I, for one, sure do want.


And why is the Big Muddy's press not being splashed across the the OpEd pages of the VSun this year?....Well...It might have something to do with the fact that their former man on the inside has moved on to the house of the Snooklandians...
Speaking of the Snooklandians...Do not for a moment forget that they aren't doing their best to get us there regardless the (real) costs...



Chuckstraight said...

Sure have to agree with you Ross K. Looks like Quebec ,BC, and Manitoba are rather troublesome, as well as the far north. Canada`s Alabama(Alberta) seems ok for the Institute. Wonder why their opinion is so valued? Don`t remember anyone electing the Fraser Institute to anything- or is that what really happened last May?

Lew said...

I sent the following to Ms. Hempel:

Are you not embarrassed to associate yourself with this "study" without some examination of its validity?

For example “The evidence shows that more balanced labour relations laws benefit workers and the overall economic performance of a jurisdiction,” Lammam said.

What evidence? Do the workers benefit from higher wages? Reduced workplace accidents? Better working conditions?

Are the states rated highest in this "study" leading North America in economic performance?

Did you bother to ask?

Anonymous said...

Everything Herr Harper and his Campbell/Clark BC Liberals say, is automatically deemed a lie.

Think of Harper's treachery, back in Gordon Campbell's reign of terror. Recall Campbell's two election lies. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar either. Harper nearly burst into tears when, his favorite henchman Campbell, was forced to resign.

Ditzy Christy is merely Harper's mouthpiece. Christy's election lie, 100,000 jobs for BC people? Hahahaha Clark works for Harper as, Gordon Campbell did before her. Harper and Clark, just gave BC's ship building contract to Poland. The Chinese were given the jobs of, building the LNG plant near Prince Rupert. Thousands of Chinese will be brought over for, Harper and Clark's Northern BC mining plan.

Most of the media are, government propaganda machines and a disgrace to their professions. There is no such thing, as good honest journalism anymore.