Monday, August 04, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Don't Know Much About History...

...But (Allegedly) Knows A Lot About Geography.

On the weekend we established Ms. Clark's dearth of historical knowledge when it comes to WWI.

But earlier last week she made her case with the faithful that she knows tons about geography.

The following is from Joe Fries report in the Penticton Western News:

...The premier opened her talk at a Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce luncheon by thanking those who’d given her and cabinet members a warm welcome during their retreat in the South Okanagan.

“I guess there’s a welcoming committee outside today as well,” she continued, acknowledging the group of teachers demonstrating on the sidewalk at the resort.

“It took them awhile to find us. We were here for three days. So I hope none of them are teaching geography,” Clark said, drawing a round of laughter and applause...


No limp microphone jokes this time around?

All snark aside.

Why would someone who is the Premier of British Columbia go out of her way to poke sticks in the eyes of public servants who are engaged in a long, difficult labour dispute with her own government?



It's B.C. Day and I, for one, sure do miss two titans of the provincial bloggodome, both of whom established enormous credibility with me and many others, BC Mary and Ian Reid....



Anonymous said...


Not familiar with BC Mary...Ian's innate common sense is much missed. I would like to know what he thinks about the Kwan re-installment...and the Mo flirtation with Surrey politics...

Comeback kidder and sorry winner, Christy, is a street-fighting, ambulance chasing, narcissist with with sadistic tendencies.

Anonymous said...

It always makes me wonder? How will these corrupt, lying, thieving, corrupt politician, explain their sordid political lives, to their children?

Christy Clark's families first? 100,000 jobs for BC? Christy's lying crap regarding her LNG?

Christy too lied and cheated to win her election. Gordon Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. Just as his good buddy Harper did.

Christy works for Harper, just as Campbell did before her. So, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are sociopaths, liars, thieves and corrupt fascists too. Christy doesn't run this province

Perhaps Christy wants to go to Harper's favorite dumping ground for, his criminal degenerates in the U.K.

Bill said...

Yes, BC Mary and Ian Reid are very much missed. Both were very hard working, respectful and thoughtful in their prolific postings. They contributed in a very positive manner and in their actions and character were truly inspirational. They really had class.

I do not think it is snark on your part or others to comment on Ms Clark's actions and "words" in less than the glowing fog of our local MSM-LIGHT. Clark's mean spirited words and "actions" are what define her character. Speaking to her "friendlies" she shows true snark and no class - and not for the first time. She speaks only to her power, her party and her family. Not even for one day can she speak inclusively for all British Columbians. She is combative, not thoughtful. A looser not a leader in any postive sense.

Thanks as always for all your excellent posts and links here.

G West said...

Ross: I notice that the memorial site for Mary is in danger of disappearing. They appear to be trolling for contributions to keep it up - although I suspect one could regain the now-missing bits with the 'wayback' machine...I wonder if it would be useful to reclaim the words on that site and post them to Mary's own 'Ledge Trials' blog?

Lew said...

If the “retreat” the cabinet attended at an Okanagan resort was for government business as implied in the article, then it is Christy Clark who needs a geography lesson. Sixty percent of the cabinet and the support staff is from the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island and there are publicly funded meeting rooms in the Legislature and in the downtown Vancouver cabinet offices sitting empty.

Speaking of lessons, last week she made it clear those Hamassians had better get back to Hamassopotamia where they belong, and then she solved an argument about the reason for WW1 that has occupied scholars and historians for years.

Can we next look forward to a Labour Day message from a maternity ward delivery room?

e.a.f. said...

ah, why would the good premier make such comments? Because she like the comment is just another shot.

Christy is a cheap little twit. We all remember that type from high school. In my opinion she hasn't changed and doesn't know how to conduct herself in the position of premier.

Danneau said...

I,too miss Ian and Mary, even though I think I came latish to their work. Good that you and a few other dedicated and thoughtful people are keeping the flame alive. As for The Crusty One, I offer the following Dan Hicks ditty in her "honour":

RossK said...


We've got everything.

Kootcoot did yoeman's work or archiving everything.

He sent me the files.



Bill T was on Railgate early and often and AGT came in relatively late.

And both had their sources and, dare I suggest it, reasons for chasing the story doggedly.

But Mary....

Well, Mary was the true citizen journalist who chased the story from all angles and kept a record of everything that anybody had to say (which is why, as GWest suggested, her stuff needs to be kept).

Mary was also fearless, especially with the proMedia and that included reporters, pundits and editors...She got quite a rise out of both Ms Chodan and Mr Lapointe.

Ian Mulgrew, however, gave her high praise for breaking a story that the Lotuslandian proMedia story missed.

Three other things about her are important to mention...

She was unbelievably supportive of other amateurs in the bloggodome, and that included commenters, which made her site distinctly collaborative.

She was unfailingly polite with everyone (up until they did something demonstrably mean and stupid or had revealed themselves as trolls)...

She was in her late '70's and early '80's when she did most of this...

I still miss her, it was so much fun to have her as a friend.


Anonymous said...


RossK, your words flesh out a wonderful image of Mary.

Some of the commenters on the Tyee could learn about civility from her example...

RossK said...


Mary worked the comments early and often at The Tyee (before she started her own blog)...

It was a much better place, with more open discourse than is the case now.

The problem with the Tyee is that none of the writers of the pieces regularly mix it up on the threads, with the possible exception of Mr. Mackin....That is what real comment moderation is all about...Just looking for cursing and/or defamatory stuff does nothing to raise the level of discourse...


RossK said...

Just my opinion, of course...But in my experience that approach actually works with all the most hardened of trolls...In more than 25,000 comments I've only had to ban one person.