Friday, August 15, 2014

RoboCalls Revisited...Mr. Sona Did Not Act Alone.


And, no, that conclusion was not reached by pinko-commie publichealtchareenvirodemodefender activists who are the stooges of a secret cadre of community organizers hidden in a secret podcasting bunker in Springfield Illinois.

Instead it was reached by the presiding judge in the 'first' robocall case to come before the courts.

The OCit's Glen McGregor has the story:

...Judge Gary Hearn said in his decision that he believed Sona did not act alone in arranging the calls made by someone using the pseudonym “Pierre Poutine.”

Hearn said there was reason to believe that, based on testimony in Sona’s trial, another campaign worker, Andrew Prescott, may have been implicated.

Prescott, however, cannot be charged because he was given an immunity agreement from the Crown in exchange for testimony against Sona — testimony that, ultimately, Hearn found unreliable.

Prescott testified that he had been giving logon credentials for the account with RackNine, a voice-broadcasting company, that was used to send out the calls.

Ken Morgan, the campaign manager, has refused to speak to Elections Canada investigators and moved to Kuwait during the nearly three-year investigation. He has not been charged. His current whereabouts are unknown....

Which, to those who have been paying attention, is no surprise at all.

But here's a weird bit from Mr. McGregor's piece that I don't quite get:

...Unclear is whether Commissioner of Canada Elections Yves Côté, who investigates alleged violations of the elections law, will re-open his investigation of the Guelph robocalls to find the other alleged collaborators or simply let the matter drop.


Should he (Cote) abandon the case, the robocalls affair that has dominated political headlines since early 2012 would certainly come to an end...

I mean.

Why wouldn't such a shutdown become, say, a massive election issue in 2016?

Especially given the fact that the good Mr. Cote has already decided that credible reports of misleading calls in more than 200 ridings from thousands and thousands of Canadians during the 2011 election mean nothing.

Oh, and just in case you missed it back in the days of yore, the following is one of the most viewed posts at this little F-Troop list blog...Ever (and, yes, it is meant to be snark-o-leptic).
As for those community organizers hidden away in the podcast bunker in Springfield who are attempting to stoogify everything with no Soros Dollars whatsoever?...Well...That'd be these folks.


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