Thursday, August 07, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Disappearing Premier's Distraction Factor.



Update 8:00am Thursday...Oh look...The weathermen (and the polling wizards) must have told the Premier which way the winds are blowing...


The reason that the Premier of British Columbia is not dealing with a state of emergency in Likely, British Columbia is because, according to the minions in her office, she would just be a 'distraction'.


I'm not sure if a truer statement has ever been spoken by a gaggle of PAB-Bots about their beloved boss.

But not to worry.

Because the same fine minions have also let us know that Ms. Clark is being 'briefed' on the situation.

And, if, suddenly it looks like there is a polling point tenth or two to be gained?


You can pretty much make book that Ms. Clark will suddenly appear out of nowhere wearing  hip-waders while strolling through the muck to deliver sandwiches to the clean-up workers.



She only pulls off 'distracting' stunts like that at polling stations, right?


Meanwhile, the Snooklandian Health Minister was saying stupid stuff yesterday without any data to back up said stupid according to Martin McMahon of the CP:

...I think the concern is more on the environmental side than it is on the public health side,” says Health Minister Terry Lake. “We are obviously curtailing water use in the areas that are of concern."...

Unless, of course, the water test results from the big mine tailings spill are already in and the Snooklandians are holding on to them for maximal political advantage.

But they wouldn't do something like that, would they?

In cased you missed it, the Province's Mike Smyth has written a column about this topic that is so tepid in its faux outrage that it set my blood to boiling...Essentially, I came away from this thing of Mr. Smyth's thinking the same-old-same-old 'politics-as-usual' bullshite...Thing is...Two weeks from now you know that pretty much all will be forgiven in the proPundit camp...Unless, of course, something really goes bad at Mt Polley...After all, the members of the Club are poll watchers too - which is almost more of a problem than the minions and the wizards that scuttle back and forth between Premier's offices and proPol outfits...And what do we lose when they do?...Why, nothing less than a clear-eyed condemnation of the government policies and practices that, demonstrably already, greatly contributed to this man-made disaster...
SubHeader subline?....Why Mr. Byrne and friends, of course...



Anonymous said...

World lass lesdership.? Hello NDP BC

Better coverage at g and m - an out of prov paper.
Maybe promoting pond water for fracking
If self regulation was a factor then What else is self regulated - raw log stumpage fees
And other royalties/ taxes related industries?

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are much the same as Herr Harper and his Cons. Clark could be waiting for Harper's advice. Could be, to skip the country and/or prorogue Legislature. Not that the BC Legislature ever sits.

Perhaps Harper will send Christy to his favorite dumping ground for his degenerates, in England? Campbell and Nigel Wright are already there.

However, know this? The people of BC have long, long memories. We still want Campbell hauled back to BC, by the scruff of his neck. We want Campbell tried for, his theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Campbell never announces his visits to BC. Pity. We would certainly have a welcoming party to greet him.

BC is the worst corrupt province in, all of corrupt Canada.

Anonymous said...


Mike Smyth on NW said after 4 days she is on her way to the site, she'll be participating in a healing ceremony later...caller just said First Nations were the LAST ones to know about the spill...

When questioned by a caller about the necessity of Christy stepping up, Smyth said that it's an emergency and the leader should be there. Smyth also said that she's responding because of the backlash against the government.

Retweeted by Carole MacNeil
Anne @pozzeezammoo · 24h
@carolemacneil way to hold Bennett accountable! Great interview! Keep after the lying Bastards!!!!


RossK said...


Did she actually say that?

I mean did she actually say that the reason she is responding to a disaster is not because it's a disaster but because of the 'backlash' against the (i.e. her) government?

If so...That's two truths in two days.

Damning, of course, but still truths.


Anonymous said...


No, I was paraphrasing Smyth. I'm sure she was TOLD to do her job.

When I tried to see Smyth's line-up this morn, there was nothing up, his temporary slot is called weekday programming or some such thing. I'll check to see if there's a podcast for the 9:00 slot.

btw for the first couple of days at least, NW had a Bill Good morning line up from 2013!, instead of Mike's topics. I suppose we can guess they're floundering over there...

RossK said...


Mr. Smyth putting words in someone's mouth?

How could that possibly happen?...Just a one time slip-up I'm sure.