Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Afternoon In Snookland...The Uncrediting.


Yesterday, I suppressed all snark and tried to write a straight-up post giving 'credit-where-credit-is-due' to the fine folks running our provincial government for for announcing an inquiry into the Mt. Polley disaster that appears to have a degree of independence. 

I recognized it as a limited hangout but, still, in comparison to, say, the Dyble inquiry into 'Quick Wins' that helped those same fine folks win an election, I thought it was a step forward.

And then readers in the comment threads took me to task.

In a good way.

The biggest argument about what is being left out of the inquiry, not what's in it.

They also pointed me towards Uncle Rafe's latest which details this well, and lays out the implications:

...By careful but not very clever design, this inquiry from the outset exonerates Mr. Bennett’s and Ms. Pollock’s (sic) ministries. When you look through the 14 recommendations there is one that faintly suggests that the commissioners might want to look at the regulatory regime surrounding this disaster. There is no mandate to do so and it is not any more than a casual comment. Moreover, None of the commissioners have any expertise to look at this aspect of the matter.

I don’t mean this in unfairness to the commissioners – I don’t know the gentlemen but their credentials with respect to mining seem impeccable. But, to check into the regulatory obligations of ministries and whether or not they have been fulfilled requires a lawyer or a judge.

This disaster has two obvious aspects to it, both of critical importance if we are to assess responsibility and determine any changes that may be necessary.

First of all, of course, why did the dam burst? That is a question that will have to be answered by Imperial Metals, the owner of the mine.

There is a second and just as important feature, though -were proper regulations in place, where they properly used and enforced? Was there enough staff to fulfill the mandate these regulations imposed? Is it true that going back to 2001 the Liberal government has gone easy on mines and by reducing staff so they can only fulfill her duties part-time? These and associated questions are critical...


It would appear that the hangout is to be very, very limited indeed.

Which means that it essentially has no credibility at all.

Thanks everybody.



Unknown said...

I really feel for the teachers, after the Mount Polley disaster and with bullshit bill comparing it to avalanches and with Christy Clark MIA, the Liars are desperate to get the headlines off of their mismanagement, hhhmmmm what to do??? BINGO screw the teachers even more! what better to get the liberals ineptitude off the front page.

Anonymous said...

probably as shaped and managed like a pipeline inquiry.?

Gary E said...

And mow they figure the taxpayer is on the hook for the cleanup.
I submit that doesn't happen until the government has expropriated the mine, paying only the employees actually doing the work and firing all upper management and when the bill has been payed then and only then would the mine be returned to imperial.