Friday, November 23, 2012

Apparently, Dan Murphy Has Penned His Last Cartoon For The Province.


There is an update to this story.....Here


Didn't something like this happen once already?

Why yes, I believe it did.



Kim said...

If I were Mr Murphy, I would be publishing a coffee table book of his recent work.

I'd buy that. Unlike the Province...

Dave Chesney said...

Best wishes for the future Dan. I will always remember and respect you as one of the few who "manned up" and explained why the hell you slammed our city by the sea, White Rock. You provided a much needed wake up call for many in the Sandcastle Capital of The World.
Dave Chesney
White Rock Sun

Ron S. said...

They're better off not working for those scum bags. There are enough legitimate and honest newspaper people to start a honest newspaper that actually reports the news. Surely there is someone with deep pockets to do that. I'm sure there would be enough non-government advertising rushing to advertise in a newspaper that actually sells newspapers because of the news they are reporting.

Anonymous said...

I take this as another sign that this is going to be the dirtiest provincial election ever.

Dan Murphy is an amazing political cartoonist (and those videos!).

God help us if the BC Liberals win again then our province will never have a chance to recover.

RossK said...



I really wonder about those videos.