Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Who Is The Better US Election Prognosticator...


Update at bottom of post...

....538's Nate Silver with his crazy, witchy little thing called math?


...My kid and her friends with their crazy, witchy little skittles!

Tough call I reckon.

Update, The Morning After....Now that I've actually read E's Email I can see that I was confused...Those aren't Skittles, they're actually Jolly Ranchers...What's more, the ProgMap was put together by E's roomate J, and while it's pretty good (but, Arizona Idaho and Montana?!), it sure as heck ain't, as TBogg pointed out late last night, 50 for 50...Clearly, Mr. Silver ran the table...Guess our American friends can expect the Republican House to try and enact anti-card counting....errrr....poll aggregational algorithms first thing tomorrow....



kootcoot said...

Those don't look like Jolly Ranchers. Jolly Ranchers are like square lifesavers and they are wrapped in their rectangular tube. I knows my Jolly Ranchers, I is one!

I think they are blue and red jelly beans!

Math and facts are the ReThugs and the HarperCons greatest enemies.

For a good chuckle check out Nate Silver's inferiors at:

"10 Right-Wingers Who Got Election 2012 Hilariously Wrong:

Harvey figures that KKKarl Rove and his reptilian Repubs should take lessons from Treason Steven. I disagree, partly because you can't win the US Presidency with less than forty percent, and Stevie ain't fiscally conservative either.

I get older every day, and I'm white, but not an angry old white guy and I think I'm healthy enough to last long enough to see the backside of both the Repubs and Harper's Canadian Taliban. At least it is good motivation to look after myself after all these years of not necessarily doing so!

By the way, my eye test to prove I'm human was o losers + a number

RossK said...


Well, you know those French...

In addition to words, they appear to have a different jolly jelly bean for everything.

Thanks for the link.