Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Return Of The Bartender!


Billmon that is, with a 'Death of The Southern Strategy' chaser from Randy Newman...

And here is a small chunk of the word version....

...In the end, though, what really makes it hard for me to dine with gusto at the schadenfreude buffet is that the grieving faces on the other side of the partisan divide aren't those people, they're my people -- the middle-class neighbors of my Southern childhood, the kids I went to school with, my redneck uncles and cousins, my own mother and father.

The sagging chins and pot bellies, the crew cuts and blue hair, the bad make up and worse fashion sense -- these are all as familiar to me as the lines on my own face. I know these people too intimately, their pasts are too intertwined with mine, for me to look at them and see only the despised Other, even though I have no doubt that's how many, if not most, of them would look at me.

I also know that they have been lied to, with ferocious intensity and relentless dedication, by the conservative propaganda machine and its political masters. If we must have demons to hate, better to seek them among the con artists who have turned Rwandan-style hate speech into an industry profitable enough to rival the porn business...


If the good Docktor was Player One in the Bloggodome (even before it ever existed), this guy, this Mon named Bill, will always be 1A.

At least to me.




Rev.Paperboy said...

Billmon is one of the early greats of the bloggerdome!

RossK said...



And it does not surprise me that Billmon is one of the first in Left Blogistan to show some empathy for those who have been cowed by the prop machine he understands so well.