Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plumbers In The BC Legislature... "Who Knew?" Says Mike Morton



Update: Please note that this post has been changed (as of 6:00pm Sunday) due to the discussion in the comment thread...Specifically, the two questions regarding Mr. Millar's remittance at the bottom of the post are now "new and improved" thanks to additional information brought to our attention by NVG... 

To his great credit Mike Smyth of The Province has made like the back-end of Woodstein (I reckon COlivier is the front-end) and gotten a few folks in the Premier's inner elipticies on the record about what they knew about their caucus staffers designing anti-Adrian Dix smear-sites under the watchful digital eye (and direction) of Christy Clark's personal 'consultant' Don Millar:

..."I had no idea it was happening," said (Mike) Morton, executive director of the government caucus at the time. "If I had known, I would have said, 'No way. This is way over the line.'"

Clark also didn't know what was going on, an official in her office said.

But someone who clearly did know what was happening was one of Clark's key personal supporters: private-sector consultant Don Millar.

Millar is a longtime friend of Clark who served as communications chair of her Liberal leadership campaign.

In a string of internal government emails, Millar gives direction to government caucus staff to create a schedule for completion of the CantAffordDix website and to set up a Twitter account to promote it.

Why was a private-sector consultant giving orders to staff at the legislature?

"He clearly had no line responsibility and no organizational responsibility," said Liberal MLA Gordon Hogg, chair of the government caucus.

"He had some power because of the position he held with the premier, I guess, and he was trying to flaunt that in some way. Our staff have now been told not to take direction from people other than their supervisors."

Shortly before the CantAffordDix website launched, Millar landed an untendered $10,000-a-month consulting contract with the government. He has not responded to several requests for an interview.

Please note....

While a PR Pledge-Pin in her office has said that Ms. Clark had no knowledge of the plumbers doing ratf*cking under her longtime friend and 'consultant's' direction, Ms. Clark herself has taken no direct questions from the press on the matter and she, herself, has not stated clearly, for the record, that she had no knowledge of what was going on...

So.Why does this matter?

Well, because as we have pointed out, the plumber-based ratf*cking that is 'the politics of destruction' (which, do not forget, also included a BC Liberal ' Party' smear-site) has already worked (at least in their collective hive mind's jaundiced eye) when it came to the taking down of John Cummins and the BC Conservative Party...

Now, with all that in mind...

Here are another couple of questions for the Premier and her innermost elliptics....

"Was any portion of the amount paid to Mr. Millar remitted for incorrectly administered 'consulting' remitted to the people of British Columbia?"

And, given what Mr. Morton and, especially, Mr Hogg had to say...

"If not, why not?"




Anonymous said...

So, what else in new? When the BC Liberals can't win, they cheat.

Gordon Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, also work for Harper. Of whom is,another whatever?

North Van's Grumps said...

Don (honorific) Millar's Contract was for December 2011 to March 2012

Page 2!!

Now, does anyone know what the TWO attack ads were concocted? And if they were concocted between December and March....... then we would know why Christy hired him, eh.

RossK said...


I believe that was only for fiscal 11/12.

If the contract has, indeed, already been terminated I will be happy to stand corrected.

Your point about the actual timing of the plumbing work, however, is a very valid one.



RossK said...

Regardless, 'tis also a nice 'round number that $40K (+HST), eh?


North Van's Grumps said...

Here's something even more interesting....which we thought we would use on our Blog... but here goes:

Don Millar since receiving his last payment, folded his company where it was paid $10,000 per month plus $1,200 per month for HST, by the BC Liberal Government.

His mailing address in the above FOI document puts him in Coal Harbour.... which has been put on the market. No Joy There. Millar is now working in a firm called Hogan Millar.... not related to "Miller Time".

A search for RiskyDix via "Whois" brings up...... an Eric Hogan as the Registrant or something called Hogan Creative Inc.

North Van's Grumps said...

And do you remember Galloping Beaver's discovery of BackBone Technology being involved with .... Federal politics earlier this year?

The Email address for Cantafforddix.xa is.....


Name: BC Liberal Party Administrative contact: Name: Sal Milia Postal address: 55 East 7th Ave Vancouver BC V5T1M4 Canada Phone: +1.60433111** Fax: Email: domr**

RossK said...

Most interesting NVG--

I will change my post.