Thursday, November 01, 2012

This Day In Snookland....Whose Horse Is This Anyway?


Bruce Anderson, writing in the Globe and Mail today, thinks Christy Clark hit on something really, really big and super game-changing important when she gave a speech to the waving Pom-Poms up the Condo-King highway last weekend.

Honest she did.

Mr. Anderson also makes the claim, right at the top of his piece, that he has no skin in the game:

I don’t have a horse in the B.C. provincial race, or any other race for that matter. But I love good competition among leaders at the top of their games. That’s why the speech by Christy Clark to her BC Liberal Party convention last weekend got my attention...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Over the weekend, the Premier staked out an approach that has a chance of narrowing the polls. She spent relatively little time attacking her opponents, or defending the long term Liberal record.

Instead, she went hunting for optimists. She painted a vivid picture of B.C.’s future, one that might not suit everyone’s tastes, but will appeal to a pretty wide cross section of voters...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

...What’s most interesting about this weekend’s speech is that it showcases Ms. Clark as a fighter, a change agent, an optimist, and someone with a keen instinct for the ground on which the soft left and the near right might be able to unite. How far it can take her is anyone’s guess, but this race may not be a foregone conclusion, if she continues down this road.


I would posit that, especially for any non-pom-pom waving British Columbian who has been paying attention, every single one of Mr. Anderson's assertions about Ms. Clark ('top of her game'! [do speeches in front of the hand-picked faithful = lesislation that actually matters?]...'not attacking opponents'! [has Mr. Anderson seen the smear sites?].... 'vivid picture of BC's future'! [did Mr. Anderson not see David Akin's piece destroying yet another of Ms. Clark's ridiculous exaggerations made in said speech?]...'appeal to a pretty wide cross section of voters'! [has Mr. Anderson not seen Ms. Clark's gender splits?].

As for the rest of it, you know all that 'fighter', 'change agent', 'keen instinct' codswallop...


We who have been paying attention also know that Ms. Clark has also always been a Filipina at heart  as well.



But here's the real thing about this little piece of puff-fluffery designed to kick-start the recalibration of public opinion based on, essentially, nothing....

As noted, Mr. Anderson also claimed that he has 'no horse in the B.C. provincial race'.

But what about his employer?

And I'm not talking about BellGlobeCTVTSNEverythingElseMedia that published is puff-fluffery.

Instead, I'm talking about a little company called 'National Public Relations' that Mr. Anderson works for.

Which also just happens to be a company that has given big money to the BC Liberal Party, has had its employees act as lobbyists for companies that were involved in the great dismantling of the public sector by the Campbell-Clark BC Liberal government and (get this!) also did a whole lot of smooth-over work for BC Rail.

But heckfire, that's just what PR forms do right.

Well, that and get their totally unbiased 'no horse in the race-type' stuff into the pages of national newspapers.

Or some such thing.

Double sheesh.

Meanwhile, Ms. Clark actually went to Victoria today and demonstrated that she is a 'change agent' and a 'fighter' by.....Hiding.



North Van's Grumps said...

Such diversity in writing, not so much in styles, but factual comprehension of what EXACTLY took place at the BC Liberal Party in Whistler over the past weekend.

the Province newspaper seems to be concurring with Mr. Anderson viewpoint.

"Despite their dismal standing in the polls, the B.C. Liberals seem to have a spring in their step. The B.C. Tories are sliding, and Clark put in a strong performance at the party's weekend convention in Whistler"

Michael Smyth November 1, 2012

Whereas the Dean (as you like to call him) had this to say about the Convention, which appeared to exercise some un-convential ideas:

" recap some items not mentioned in the official convention highlights package, you had a cabinet minister who raised a point of comparison between serving these past few years as a Liberal and being confined to a PoW camp. A Free Enterprise Friday that wound up being run like a gong show. And a fart machine.

If the opinion polls hold and the province does undergo a change of government next year, I'm really going to miss these guys." -
Vaughn Palmer

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

As you and I both know 'strong' + 'performance' does not = good governance.

Which is the real issue here, but of course that is not something the punditry wishes to focus on.