Friday, November 02, 2012

Apres Nous, Les Ledgie Boys...Whose Cultish Now?


On the matter of the Boessenkool investigation that may or may not have actually taken place (i.e. we can't tell without actual, you know, evidence), it is interesting in the extreme to compare the recent Twitter feeds for the members from Bill Good's Friday morning 'Cutting Edge of The Ledge' panel:

Not that there is, as Mr. Palmer once put it about citizens who are concerned about RailGate, anything wrong with being in a 'cult'.

And we'll leave it to GrantG to report back on this morning's show....Because, like our good friend, and fellow RailGate cult member West End Bob, we will not be listening....



Grant G said...

CKNW's Question of the Day

Are you okay with Premier Clark conducting a verbal-only investigation into what led to the forced resignation of her Chief of Staff?


There is your answer..



Grant G said...

I did intend to ask the ledgie boys about the Boessenkool paperless trail,...

However, after bringing up the latest job`s numbers and correlating BC ad campaign and it`s laughable claim of number onedum...My (space transmitter) yak line went dead....

Pity the next gropee who might run into Kenny Boessenkool in the "office"..

Legal requirement to document, and or to place the job-ending violation on the Bessenkool permanent record for future employers to peruse..

Just curious, do potential future employers of one Ken Boessenkool have to phone via space transmitter or Skype, land line, video conference and personally ask Christy Clark about said violation?

Seems to me that the Province, having generated no paper-trail on Dr. Kenny gropologist Boessenkool have to indeed be worried about future Groping events involving Kenny..

Forget the sins of the past, the future is where the liability lays..

Good Day

RossK said...


I forgot to change the channel after sports listening last night and woke up to the not-so Giant '98 this morning.....I was actually surprised by the way the news division was soft-peddling this thing on the 6:30am newscast.

Regarding the future...Is there is also not the flip-side to consider as well, which is that Mr. B. himself might have a reason to attempt to determine our liability on this matter?

('our' referring to 'our' government, of course)


West End Bob said...

Egad, are those two Ledgie Boys still on the Goodship Watercarrier's blab-fest, RossK?!?

Gotta say my grey-matter has been a lot clearer without their pontificating ramblings to muck it up . . . .

RossK said...

Fair enough Bob.

But, in fairness, Mr. Palmer has been on fire on the Tweet machine lately.