Saturday, November 03, 2012

Boessenkool Investigation (ctd)...Actual Written Evidence Of Something.


Bob Mackin who was scooped on the original Boessenkool Investigation FOI due to a parallel one obtained simultaneously by the VSun, has more....

This time, again by FOI, Mackin has obtained the agenda of Mr. Boessenkool that covers the period when the 'all-verbal' investigation allegedly took place (ie. between the time of the 'incident' and the 'resignation').

And I'm telling you, based on the actual, you know, 'written' evidence available so far it does not look good for the so-called 'investigators'*.

Not to mention the so-called 'premier'.

Here is Mr. Mackin's lede, from BiV (please go and read it all):

Christy Clark's chief of staff Ken Boessenkool had no meetings with the head of B.C.'s Public Service Agency, Lynda Tarras, in the days prior to his resignation over an alleged misconduct – despite Clark saying the investigation was being handle(d) by Tarras.

According to Boessenkool's agenda for September, obtained by Business in Vancouver via Freedom of Information, he had a five-minute phone call with Premier Clark on September 19 followed by an hour-long meeting with Deputy Minister John Dyble. Boessenkool tendered his resignation September 23 and Clark announced BC Hydro chairman Dan Doyle as the replacement on September 24.

Though Boessenkool's agenda shows the meeting with Dyble, it does not mention any meeting with Tarras. The Premier has not mentioned that Dyble was involved in this investigation. Neither Tarras nor Dyble responded to a BIV interview requests....

*Please note: the pluralization was purposeful...Because that too is a new wrinkle here...



Anonymous said...

I wonder what an FOI on Lynda Tarras' agenda for September would reveal?

RossK said...


I would be very surprised if Mr. Mackin is not already on that one.

And, a propos of just about everything a few of us (truly) amateur scribblers in the bloggodome have been thinking of forming a (gasp!) collective to pool our resources and start mounting our own targeted FOI onslaught.

Maybe we should stop thinking and start acting.


Chris said...

Me and my penny jar are in.

RossK said...


Got it!


Anonymous said...

When the NDP pulled the papers out of the FOI regarding, Campbell's Olympic debt, they were mostly whited out.

Both Campbell and Boessenkool work for Harper. Campbell was so drunk, he drove on the wrong side of the road. Harper rewarded Campbell. Boessenkool was drunk and accused of groping a female staffer. Harper could give Boessenkool, a cushy overseas job too.

In this country corrupt and unsavory politicians are rewarded for their dirty work. There isn't a hope in hell, of finding the truth in this province, nor in this country.

Isn't it blatantly obvious? The crap going on in Ottawa, doesn't happen in civilized country's. Nor does the crap going on in BC. Dirty tactics, thieving and cheating to win elections, should tell people that much.

There are no such thing as, morals and ethics left in this country. There most certainly are no morals nor ethics left in BC, for many a long year.