Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ending The Curmudgeon...The Real Numbers


Spurred on by lazy, misleading and conflicty proMedia 'analysis', Norm Farrell has crunched the numbers from the latest Angus Reid poll and this is his conclusion:

...During the last few months, the Liberals conducted guerilla war against the Conservative Party of BC. Supporters of the targeted party who lost faith in its leadership were more likely to migrate to the BC Liberals than to either of the progressive opposition parties. Angus-Reid reports little change in support either for the supposed "coalition of free enterprisers" and the groups that style themselves progressives...

Go see Norm's wizardry (ie. real arithmetic with sums and everything) for yourself. You will not be disappointed.




Anonymous said...

Bernard von Schulmann posits: "An interesting scenario is emerging for the BC 2013 election, we could have a number of independents elected. There is a reasonable chance that four of them could win in the coming election and this is important because by the rules of the BC legislature takes four MLAs to have a recognized caucus."

RossK said...


Ya. Saw Mr. v. S's positing (and should probably comment on it).

Would be most interesting don't you think?


Norm Farrell said...
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Norm Farrell said...

But independents wouldn't be treated as a party unless they allied themselves into one. And, then they would be independents, would they?

Anonymous said...

On a Tangential Note:

Somewhere, buried by the sands of time after May 16, 2001, Vaughn Palmer wrote a column about how the two lone elected NDP MLAs (Joy MacPhail & Jenny Kwan) could and should be recognized as the "Official" Opposition as opposed to merely the opposition. One of Palmer's points being that 4 was not a magyk number.