Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The $64 Million Dollar (Ad-Buy) Question....

...Will The Water Carrying Never End?


You know...

We have to cut ferry services to save $26 million.

Sixty-Four million?.....For ads?.....You betcha!



North Van's Grumps said...

From this mornings the Province, in aLetter to the Editor from Finance Minister Mike de Jong he says if we have any questions regarding the Return of PST, we need only to go to the PSTinBC website, not their DNA but their: DNS Record

pstinbc.ca. 900 IN SOA ns2.backbonetechnology.com.

We realize that someone has to do all of the website set ups for the BC Liberal government, but does Christy have to use the same one hired by her BC Liberal Party?

RossK said...

Again with the vertebral chunks in our soup!


West End Bob said...

Re: The $64M Question.

Guess the bottom line is does Chipmunk Cheeks have any connections to the advertising agencies that are reaping the $64M windfall?

Just askin' . . . .