Saturday, November 03, 2012

This Day In Snookland...The 'Jobs Plan' Denial Factory.


Well, well, well.....

When confronted with 'bad' news (ie. a StatsCan report that says British Columbia shed 16,000 fulltime jobs last month) what does Christy Clark's Minister for Jobs Ads do?

Why, what else, Minister Pat Bell craps on StatsCan.

Andrew Duffy had the story in the Victoria Times-Colonist late yesterday:

....In a conference call with reporters, Bell noted that B.C. has added 46,500 jobs since the government’s Jobs Plan came into effect 14 months ago, and questioned Statistics Canada’s numbers for October.

“When we dip into the numbers, we see the largest drop is in manufacturing,” he said, noting Statistics Canada’s figures show that sector dropping 8,300 positions in October from September. “I’m not sure there isn’t an anomaly — that appears large.”

Bell said he hasn’t heard of any manufacturers closing facilities or curtailing production since September. He noted Statistics Canada calls about 6,000 households in B.C. to gauge employment and extrapolates for the entire labour force of 2.5 million when it does the survey each month.

“We need to look further into those job losses,” he said...


It's a village just off Government St. on the edge of James Bay.

And, oddly, nobody seems to go there anymore.

Especially not she who flies by Helijet.



Ron S. said...

Nothing new here Ross. Deny, deny, deny and then lie, lie, lie. I smell the toast burning! Oh, those are just LIbERalS. Should be ready May 13th. 2013.

RossK said...

Of course you and I realize it is the same old, same old Ron, but Ms. Clark and friends are spending millions of dollars of our money on TeeVee ads trying to convince people who are not paying attention that it is not.

The same old, same old I mean.