Thursday, November 01, 2012

This Day In Snookland, ctd...Did The (Not) Premier Just Throw The Head Of The PSA Under The Bus?


Just heard Ms. Christy Clark on CBC Radio One's 5:30pm newscast...

And in an illogically loopy defense of the Boessenkool investigation debacle she said she wanted to assure British Columbians that everything was done 'according to the rules' because, according to her (ie. the [not] Premier), the head of the Public Service Agency who carried out the paper-free investigation would never do anything wrong.


It would now appear that Ms. Clark is making the case that:

1) It wasn't my idea!

2) The buck stops with somebody else!


That sure doesn't sound like someone who is, as public relations man Bruce Anderson claimed in The Globe this morning,  a 'fighter' with a 'keen instinct'.


Come to think of it, maybe Mr. Anderson was correct in a weird sort of way.

Because, more and more everyday, Ms. Clark is demonstating that she does have a 'keen instinct' indeed, especially when it comes to fighting for her own self-preservation.

And...Hey!...Guess what...
Ms. Clark's claims  that she will be 'on' the Global News Hour this evening is also pure cash-bought bunkem as well...


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