Thursday, November 29, 2012

Has That Crazy, Curmudgeonly HL Mencken Bot Been Reading My Stuff?

See yesterday's 'Sweater' post for a full explanation....

Here's the Menckenishable passage:

...Just before she passed away, in 2001, Grandma E., who always liked to tell people, especially real doctors, that her Grandson was also a 'doctor', asked me if I was ever going to finish going to school.

At the time I'd already been holding down a 'real' academic job long enough that I also had tenure.

Which meant that I was a lifer.

So I smiled and told her no - I was going to go to school until I retired, maybe longer.

Not sure what she thought about that...


Almost heebie-jeebies scary I tell ya.



Anonymous said...

Hi. These little mots always annoy me. The one about teachers is a classic by the Trite. These mots are brain in motion without being in gear. I'm surprised olde HL would make a comment like this.


RossK said...


See your point, but....

I kind of took this a jovial jab...Truth be told, I never planned to be in it for life...Went to Gradual school because I really, really liked become an expert at something...What followed was the chance to make a little, tiny dent in the Uni (with no 'ity' on the end).


Kim said...

Some of my most influential mentors were teachers.

I never got to uni(versity), I'm talking high school and elementary.

RossK said...


In large part, one of my high school biology teachers is the reason I am one.

A (kinda/sorta) biology teacher, I mean.

He was really inspiring - and at the time he inspired me to think about doing research (the teaching part came later).