Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gordon Campbell's Chief-Of-Staff...The Man With Two Brains?


North Van's Grumps does an absolutely fantastic dissection of Martyn Brown's two amygdalas over at his place. There's a lot of great stuff there.

Here's NVG's lede:

It must be great to stand up on a Daily newspaper soapbox in Vancouver and talk about current affairs and yet seemingly turn a blind eye as to what happened under his watch when the Main players of David Basi, Bobby Virk and Aneal Basi were toasted by the Press for seven long years.

It was bad enough for some, to lose their memory of what took place inside the Hallowed Halls of the BC Legislature Premier's Office, to then have a Director for BC Rail, who had no trouble, whatsoever, defending his position, his actions, of the Government of Gordon Campbell who told them that the selling off of BC Rail was best for the Province. Yeah sure....


Go and read it all so that you can savour the fruits of NVG's very careful multiple bouts of laser capture microdissection.



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