Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is PostMedia Killing Off All It's Editorial Cartoon(ist)s?


A source on double secret-sauce deepest darkest background (and that guy on the Twittmachine too, Brett Mineer) says that The (former) Province cartoonist Dan Murphy has not been fired.

Instead, he's been reassigned to the 'Web Desk', whatever the heckfire that is.


What's next....

Cassidy Olivier sentenced to 10 years of hard time on the janitorial chain gang if he doesn't stop writing blockbusters immediately?


And why not just let all of  the scribblers go?....Well, the double-deep secret source says it has something to do with a crazy little thing called a 'collective agreement'...Guess Conrad The Marauder and Boo Radley didn't quite destroy everything they were done...


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