Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Day In Snookland...Revolt In South Sliverville


Turns out some members of the grassroots of the BC Liberal Party don't like being dictated to by the dictator and those who pull the strings for her.

Laila, b/w a report from Abbotsford Today, has the story:

In a letter issued this afternoon (Nov 20th) the BC Liberal Abbotsford South Riding Association has resigned saying the election of Darryl Plecas was “both unfair and not democratic.” The letter came from former Riding Association president Stephen Evans....

(snippety doo-dah)

...Clearly, the powers that be running the show at BC Lib headquarters are bound and determined to demonstrate to the public that they don’t even care about democratic process in their own den of inequity...


Wonder if this will get as much Lotuslandian proMedia play as that massive 'revolt' against The Curmudgeon got?

Just askin'.

Wondering about that mysteriously nonsensical sub-header?....It's all



paul said...

Again, you wonder what the Liberals are thinking. If Councillor Moe Gill had 1,600 supporters signed up, as some reports say, what will those people do? Support Plecas, or Van Dongen, or stay home?
And how did Plecas become a star candidate? He's a big advocate of increased spending on policing and jails, while the Liberals claim to be concerned with balancing the budget.
The last few months have reminded me of the end of the last NDP government, when everything they touched seemed to go wrong

RossK said...


It would appear to be a crazy, vindictive petty game of inside baseball one upmanship by BC Liberal Party heavyweights (eg. not 'flunkies') if this report from the Abbotsford Times is correct.