Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My Morning Ride: Fall Creeps In...

...And Throws A Blanket Over Everything.

I love campus this time of year. First off, midterms are over and the false security blanket of the all pervasive powerpoint lecture keeps a good third to a half of the undergraduates snuggled in their beds early in the morning which gives the place a semi-deserted feel as I ride in, not to mention shorter lines for first coffee.

And then there are the leaves.

Unfortunately, the latter will all be gone by the end of the next week. In fact, the blowers were out in force this morning's slanting sun. Can the bobcats be far behind (and yes, the gardeners do get a little carried away when it comes to leaf removal)?

The image above was taken nowhere near campus....And yes, I have used this scene, in a different context, before....


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