Friday, November 02, 2012

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...A New Name For Ms. Clark's 'Job Plan'


And it comes to us from Ian Reid:

...According to the latest Stats Canada report, BC was about sixth best in the country, behind Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and just about the same as Ontario (on a per capita basis).

On the bright side we are doing better than PEI.

Year over year job growth in BC was 1.3% or about 30,000 jobs. It’s a mediocre record in a mediocre year in Canada for job creation.

When it comes to creating full time jobs, BC falls even further behind other provinces.

So all the advertising? Pretty much lies and bullshit. Come to think about it wouldn’t that be a fantastically apt BC Liberal campaign slogan?

The Lies and Bullshit Tour featuring Christy Clark, coming to a chamber of commerce near you.


Based on the facts at hand, including those previously unearthed by Mr. David Akin when the Lotuslandian proMedia failed to do so, it's pretty darned hard to argue with him.

And, speaking of facts, it would appear that the Scrub.....errrrr...Minister responsible is still obfuscating after the latest from StatsCan indicates that BC lost the most fulltime jobs, by far, last month.

And the designated Scrub-watcher, David Schreck (not Shrek!), calls the Minister on it almost immediately, here:

The pushback....

It burns.

Thanks to reader GWest for the heads-up on Mr. Bell's continuing obfustacatory ways...
And as for that pushback...It's great to see something that was non-existent in 2005, and barely even there in 2009, really starting to build...


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Anonymous said...

Christy's TV ad, BC is number one, in growth and creating jobs? There will be jobs coming to BC. Problem is, those jobs aren't for BC citizens. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper. So of course, BC jobs belong to China.

The only way BC does lead is. BC has had the highest number of thefts and sales of resources and assets, in all of Canada. BC wins the award, for the highest number of children living in poverty. BC has the highest number of children, who go to school hungry. BC leads the way for, the most corrupt province in Canada.

There are many reasons BC leads the way in all of Canada. It's just, none of them are good.