Sunday, November 11, 2012

When Sammy (First) Met Christy...


It was September of 2005...

And Smilin' Sammy Sullivan was fighting it out with Christy Clark for the NPA's nomination for Mayor of Vancouver.

And the Smilin' One was not a happy camper.

Sean Holman had the story then, and his PublicEye archives still have the story now:

Last night, a special meeting of the Non-Partisan Association's board of directors was held at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel to discuss concerns about the mayoral nomination process. Those concerns were contained in a letter sent to the board last Friday by Warren Smith, a representative of nomination hopeful Sam Sullivan's campaign. Those familiar with the letter inform us the Sullivan campaign challenged the eligibility of 194 new association members to vote at the upcoming Saturday nomination meeting. According to review of 429 forms conducted by the campaign, those members aren't on the provincial voters list. Additionally, Mr. Smith questioned whether former Campbell administration cabinet minister Christy Clark's mayoral nomination campaign paid for the memberships of those they signed-up...

Fast forward to November of that year...

Sammy had vanquished Ms. Clark and he swept to power with an assist from James (not Jim) Green and his big green bus.

And here is what Ms. Clark had to say on election night about the Greenian misdirection, on the air, on the radio station that had not yet hired her to resurrect her sagging career:

"You can't steal an election in a democracy."

We note, with interest, that Ms. Clark didn't say anything about nominations and/or leaderships.

Then, or now.



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